Dual Time

Dual Time

I have been wanting to make a dual time piece for awhile now. I originally thought I would use two RR Plates and one would have the minute and the other the hour hand. I like this better, two for the price of one. While not everyone might appreciate auto parts, lately I have been looking for, finding, and LOVING plastic. Hard black plastic. Suddenly I am seeing it everywhere and have been collecting with fervor.

After yesterdays' post. After the comments. I'm a bit more slapped in the face and woken up: ready to walk forward. Thank you guys for being supportive. For as minute as it might seem, just having peers care enough(?) be interested enough(?) is helpful. I have to keep in mind I am me. I'm not like everyone else. I'm in the middle of 'it' whatever it is and it is my journey and I'm supposed to figure out how to travel it. I know that, but sometimes I don't want to be alone.

Supply and demand. Yesterday the gallery in stowe (the big juicy one) emailed to ask if I had more small round pieces as someone was interested in that genre. That's all I needed to hear. I'm digging through my photo archives and picking new photos to have printed. I'm planning a date with Tod to go on at least one good photo shoot soon. Screw the gas, screw the snow tires getting blown to bits, screw the fear of stopping at creepy places and asking if I can take pictures. Screw the fear of not finding more round things. I'm going out there.

*today I drove by my photo lab and the guy is out of business!!!!! I feel awful for him. I sure hope I can find someone who prints the way I like it and I can match up my older prints with. I just popped into the only other print place in town, it's not the same energy for sure :(


San said...

Dual time. Dueling hands.

Daphne Enns said...

You rule-times two. very cool.

Also, now I love the previous one even more now that I know that the rods move.

God I really love what you're doing with these new ones. You've moved to a new stage and level with your clocks.

sarala said...

Another great clock. Very creative.

self taught artist said...

cool beans daphne, i'm glad that other one comes across on the internet.
i love this clock too & appreciate the thumbs up from you guys!

Steve Kane said...

Cool. That clock looks a bit like the electricity meter in my flat.