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Yesterday I had a blog friend tell me she gets 50,000 blog hits a month. Last month I had another blogger tell me she gets a butt load of visitors as well. I'm thinking I must be missing the mark, last time I checked I had 19 visitors yesterday. My biggest day was 36.

My little blog has been useful for me both on an emotional level and an artistic one. It served well in the beginning, seemed my unstable state of mind and life was more interesting than my current less stressed one is now. Back then people visited often and I sold some art. Sometimes I can't help but to want to ask 'is it me? am i boring now?' The art is still good, if not better, but I'm not in throws of angst and whatever else.

I know I get less visitors now because I removed myself from blog catalogue. After a blogger from there was stealing my and everyone else's blogs to use for an ad blog, after realizing that I got more invites to be a friend than I ever have in my real life...after realizing I didn't want friends that never said hi let alone visit my blog, I removed myself from there.

I realize I am not a hype person. I'm not gonna get out there on the streets and sell my soul/ strut my self and throw my art at people. I know people who have that personality and they do it quite well. I'm also not going to join every online thing and be inundated with friends and faces of people who just want numbers and not anything else. I realize my getting known, if at all, is going to be a slower process and I'm okay with that for right now.

There too is a part of me that doesn't feel like there is as much to say. Not many adventures have been happening. I've been working grunt jobs here and there to keep my head above water. Not been on any road adventures looking for scrap what with car issues and gas prices. The home owners delayed their summer visit (and they just got here last night) this year so it was more quiet and less chaotic feeling. Strangely, considering I've made less, shown less and sold less this year, all in all this has been my best summer since leaving Arizona and going towards this artistic life.

I still think about art most of the day, EVERY DAY. I 'm always looking for stuff. Getting out of my car if I'm out and about walking the roadside with a baggie picking up stuff. Looking online, being in my studio futzing. It is my life 24/7 whether I'm physically making something or not. It's mostly what Tod and I talk about. I feel saturated in a good way and I have to believe that if I continue on I will be awake, aware, and ready when and if some opportunity comes along. I keep thinking I'm building my soup stock. I don't have the big piece of meat in there but the main ingredients, the seasonings...all have been boiled, simmering and getting rich. (collecting materials, making art, learning skills, etc)

I suppose if my blog dips down to less than 10 readers a day for more than a month I might feel apt to pull the plug, but honestly it feels good to just share even if it is just one person who is interested or cares. I know some blogs have tons of subscribers and rarely get comments (i don't know how they stand that, maybe i just crave real interaction with people, I'm not here to entertain anyone) I can't complain, I've had great interactions with people and I've gotten turned onto their blogs/lives and that is like double frosting on the cake.


Daniel Sroka said...

Don't confuse 'hits' with 'unique visitors'. The number you are looking at is probably visitors: the number of individuals who visit the site as a whole per day. When your friend says hits, that usually means number of times any page on the blog is accessed for any reason. So one visitor, poking around, can generate 5-10 hits. Search engine spiders generate a ton of hits.

But as Seth Godin says, traffic is meaningless. Interaction is key. It is better to have a small number of active visitors than a large number of generic hits.

Sheree Rensel said...

I agree with Daniel. Also, I have heard (read) some bloggers brag about their "traffic". I know for sure they are either lying, handing you a load of B.S., or reading their blog logs wrong. When I look over their sites, there is nothing to indicate such grand numbers.
Paula, you know best and should do what you think is right. However, I must say I wouldn't care if I was the ONLY person reading my blog. I really wouldn't. It is so therapeutic for me to write my posts and to see my thoughts in print. The fact that any other person would read them is just the icing on the cake!
You better not close this blog. I will be sad!!! :-(

Lisa said...

Paula - I still read your blog daily. Or at least every time you write. With my move I haven't had much time to comment but I generally come away with something to think about after reading your posts and that's what brings me back.

Ignore those stats - they are meaningless. I stopped looking at mine (other than on a one a month basis to make sure I don't have serious problems somewhere).

Steve Kane said...

The most hits my blog has ever had in a month is about 1,150. I usually get between seven and nine hundred hits a month.

Who cares how many people read our drivel? We don't do it for them, we do it for us. And it's not the quantity of visitors you attract but the quality of the visitor.

I, for example, am really quite magnificent and you are truly honoured to have a reader of my calibre regularly swinging by.

Seriously, if you close your blog I will send the boys round to break your eyebrows and set fire to your knees.

self taught artist said...

i love these comments :)
i didn't think my friend was bragging, and i'm not sure I could handle a larger audience, my fingers might flush and sweat and slide off the keyboard.
maybe i still need to know people give a shit
and i'm not boring the hell out of everyone.
good point steve, i am honoured to have you and everyone else read this drivel.

Karen said...

I get between twenty and thirty thousand hits a day on my blog...
seriously I get about 15 at the HIGH end on a daily basis and that is fine with me.
If you stop blogging I will send the wonder horse out to help Steve with the eyebrow breaking!!
I look forward to your posts and really find that you put in words so much of what I feel too!

Bob Johnson said...

Paula, the more I think about it, the more I'm sure I can take Sheree, but as far as the reader hits, you have to look no further then me with my uber ultra niche market, if I went by the numbers, I would have gave up long ago, I believe if only one person is listening and getting something out of what I say then that's good enough for me, so can you come over, my mother in law hasn't been for a while.

Daphne Enns said...

Paula you are wayyyyy more popular than I am. I don't look at my stats more than once every month or two.

I'm more bothered by the lack of comments-I crave the interaction.

And of course I am listed on very few blogs. I've noticed that on some of the blogs where I am absent you are listed.

Don't quit! I am aspiring to be as popular as you (I am only being somewhat sarcastic).

self taught artist said...

bob, i wouldnt mess with sheree :)
she throws a mean punch dontcha think?
it is about the interaction. i guess i'm being needy for some reason lately.

Mary Buek said...

Paula: I, too, wonder if I'm so boring, but I agree with everything you said in your post today. I, too, want to be as popular in you. When I started my blog on 2-1-08, I wanted to post something every day. I have managed to do that, but the subject matter has strayed from art into just whatever is going on at the moment, and sometimes, there's nothing going on, so yeah, I'm probably boring. But when I look back I will have a type of journal of my life, which will at least be interesting to me. And, by the way, your work is wonderful.

San said...

Your blog is marvelous. I would visit more often than I do had I more time. As it is, I do visit pretty often.

Blogging for me is an outlet for self-expression. AND for interacting with kindred spirits. You're one of those, a treasured one.

Kim Hambric said...

No! Don't pull the plug. Just because every Tom, Dick, and Harry (boy, I haven't said that in a while) doesn't visit or comment, that doesn't mean the rest of us should have to do without Self Taught Artist. The most comments I have ever received was 8 (I myself was probably one of the eight). Yeah, I might photograph the insides of my drawers. I'm still gonna plug along.

Your "friends" will read your blog whether you create, don't create, bitch, whine, cheer, sell, drive taxis or pull weeds.

Glad to hear you are in a comfortable and receptive place. Something will come along.

Feel flattered that so many of your readers are willing to cause physical harm just to read more of your blogs.

Angela Fehr said...

Do those of us who read you in a reader get counted on those stats? Cause I get your posts through bloglines and I read every one of them.

I run two blogs - an art blog and a personal one and I would love to see more hits - it is validation in a way. But I think I would blog regardless, it is fufilling my literary urges and it is also keeping me more accountable as an artist.

self taught artist said...

mary you aren't boring, i just checked you out and remember you commented once b4. you and angela are now subscribed in MY reader. so i will be visiting you now on a regular basis.
i think this is why i like comments (other than the comradery) because i love being turned on to other people (and their lives and art etc). so thanks!
kim you are right :)
san you know i treasure you (and your blog)
okay i'm feeling supported now maybe i can stop this nonsense of questioning....

Balhatain said...

Just found this place. Keep doing what you are doing.

self taught artist said...

thanks for the comment balhatain

Anonymous said...

paula, finding your blog has been a gift! don't stop yet! you'd be amazed at how many people follow blogs and NEVER comment. i followed a blog for about 3 years in this way (granted, her comments were turned off), but STILL - i visited. when she ended her blog this year i was honest-to-god moved to tears.
you never know who you've touched the day you write. isn't that amazing!?

self taught artist said...

that was a good thing to read, three years!....thanks for reminding me of things i should already know.

Ellen said...

I don't always comment (but usually intend to, then get sidetracked) but I subscribe and always read and completely enjoy it here. Hell, you can make weeding interesting and personal, introspective, so I'm staying.

I've read a lot of high traffic blogs and just don't get it. Why so many readers? I do think a lot of it is about the schmooze of marketing yourself like crazy.

But I'm convinced, if you've got something of quality and stick with it long enough, good things happen.

The Minimalist said...

If for no other reason, I keep my art blog so when people ask what kind of art I do I can show them. You're lucky, I haven't sold one thing on line! Your work shows up really well in photographs. I sold two framed prints, a matted print and two cards last weekend at a music and art event in the parking lot of a local bar and was really excited. I'm showing on Saturday at my friend's little hole in the wall art gallery. Hopefully, I'll sell more.