gallery openings

Things are busy in my little world. Tonight is the First Friday Art Walk in B-town (independence day pushed it back a week). While I am not officially having my own show, I am now showing possibly seven clocks. Gabriel also wants me to bring the two clocks posted below along with that camera clock. (four are already in the gallery)

Tomorrow night the Lazy Pear is having an opening, again I'm not the 'star' of this but I do have seven pieces there. I'm slated to work a bit taxi-wise but hopefully I can zip the 26 mi or so over there and visit.

In a few more weeks the Stowe Gallery I am in is having an opening as well and new works need to be in like NOW. This has been a slow year for me there. I've not made more than one mixed media piece (plenty of clocks though) and that is the only thing I've got in there. I've got two large prints of the wonder horse and a larger print of evolution lined up for mixed media pieces, I'm going to have to bust a nut to get those done soon.

Not much taxi work, I guess until I want to drive airport runs I'm pretty much useless. It's still challenging to want to spend that much time enclosed in a box with people, I still feel like I'm going to tourrettically burst out with some hideous verbal bout of nonsense or worse, say something inappropriate and mean. I don't know what that is about, there is something about being in a situation where I'm confronted with banal conversation that triggers a lion in a cage response. Anyhow, suffice to say I could use more money. I am so ready to get my car fixed. I want to go somewhere other than the grocery store. Having said that, I pulled weeds for 6 hours yesterday for the gardener who had a big job to do. My ankles feel fused. I marvel at people over 40 who do grunt work day in and day out, thats all I can say. It's work...it gives me some change and time to work on art. So I'll shut up.

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San said...

Good luck with the heightened exposure of your work. And may those ankles unfuse.

Now to see the new clocks...