Found Objects

I am always amazed the stuff I can find just on the one road near my house. I have been more interested in what is out there and have decided to make more of an effort to get it before the snow covers everything up for six months.

Since all of my art has found objects implemented in it, may as well walk as much as I can rather than drive. It's pretty cool that I was able to find the oh so cherished round and square washers. A nice big rubber one and two metal ones. A wad of power cable wires, a few reflectors from guard ramps, some hard plastic and a nice black pipe.

Long as I'm out there picking of detritus I might as well pick up cans and bottles and make a little money. How homeless of me I know, but really, would you just walk by 70 cents if you saw it on the ground? I wouldn't. Some cans are interesting too and I'm keeping them. It was pouring yesterday, we had a break in it so I went out armed with a plastic bag and rain jacket. I got poured on anyways the hour or so I was out but I was so absorbed by looking around I didn't care.


San said...

Walk by 70 cents? Me? HELL NO?

There's another award for you over at my place. Come pick it up by the roadside.

The Minimalist said...

See you see the potential in these objects. That's what makes you such a great artist!

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, here we can't return cans for cash...too bad! every bit counts! can't wait to find out what your mind's eye will vision with your new treasures...