Evolution, 2008
Mixed Media Photography
Approx 39" diameter

Well I managed to get something done this week! Trying to get at least one more piece finished to submit this weekend at the West Branch Gallery. I'm hoping they like this, it feels very powerful in real life, like a symbol or sign of some cosmic sort. I also hope they take this piece so I can see it on a real wall....this just fit in the hallway, literally no room to spare. The whole white balance thing nauseates to no end and I feel I have to mention it/apologize for my crappy photos of my work just in case a new comer visits and doesn't know that I have no where else to hang the work to view it and there are stairs in front so I can never get the right shot.

Meanwhile the Wonder Horse is still the bane of my existence. It is the tiniest little details that have caused a delay in finishing. I'm sure when people look at it they wont understand how I could spend a week solid just fussing with it non-stop. I have taken dozens and dozens of photos trying to see what looks best and it just clogs my brain after awhile.


Karen said...

I love this one Paula! It has power. I see the forest trees in the rusted images. Evolution is a perfect title for this. I bet this sells quickly. Looking forward to seeing what happens with wonder horse.
While delivering the mail on my route I found a wonder horse set up in a yard. It wasn't as forlorn and forgotton as the one you have (still had allmost all its true colors) but it did look so sad all alone in the rain.

self taught artist said...

thanks karen
funny though i cannot see trees..i see a cave man on the left in black almost as a ball crouching then the one in the middle is him starting to stand and the third...walking. that is why i called it evolution.
always interesting what people see.
COOL about seeing the wonder horse!!!

Bob Johnson said...

Very cool Paula, love how the bars intercept off center like they do.

M. Trigos said...

Awesome composition!

self taught artist said...

thanks guys!!!

Steve Kane said...

Very striking, me dear. Nice juxtaposition between simple, sharp geometry and random textures.

Ha! Listen to me talking as if I know what the hell I'm talking about!

Point is, as usual, I love it.