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auto work

Last week I got some car work done and I had the wherewithal to request they save the parts. I brought a nice box for them to put everything in and these are the goods. Frankly I couldn't be happier with the collection. All I had to do was soak everything in some Simple Green for a few hours and the bulk of the grease came off.

When I picked my car up I was told I had another problem so when I've pulled enough weeds to pay for that I'm sure I will have another fun object to use in my art.
San gave me a 'just plain fun to read' blogger award. Thanks San! I would say that every blog I have on my sidebar counts as a just plain fun to read blog (so consider yourselves tagged if you want to). I repeat myself when I say the blogging community has been all in all more fun than I ever could have imagined. I've made some good friends in the blogosphere. I appreciate the journeys you guys share, from searching for your passions to following them. To educating me, making me laugh and letting me also be a part of a community of great people!
I try not to spend too much time thinking about anything that happened more than 24 hrs. ago. Seems like any thought given to the past is usually wasted unless the past is a stepping stone for learning and you piece together the past and how it all finally culminated with the now.

Having said that, I do find myself looking back at those wonder horse pieces I finally made last week and finding I feel sad. I'm not one to want to hold on to my art, but sometimes it is a little unsettling to make something that so affected me only to rush it out the door the minute it is done all so I can hopefully sell it for some much needed cash.

Art. Making art never ceases to show me things about myself. I guess if I take the time to look at this and feel it I see that the joy came from many different places. Joy in finding the scrap and finding the horse and printing the and a rush of excitement in the final moments of putting it together. Joy in hoisting it to the gallery an…
Found Objects

I am always amazed the stuff I can find just on the one road near my house. I have been more interested in what is out there and have decided to make more of an effort to get it before the snow covers everything up for six months.

Since all of my art has found objects implemented in it, may as well walk as much as I can rather than drive. It's pretty cool that I was able to find the oh so cherished round and square washers. A nice big rubber one and two metal ones. A wad of power cable wires, a few reflectors from guard ramps, some hard plastic and a nice black pipe.

Long as I'm out there picking of detritus I might as well pick up cans and bottles and make a little money. How homeless of me I know, but really, would you just walk by 70 cents if you saw it on the ground? I wouldn't. Some cans are interesting too and I'm keeping them. It was pouring yesterday, we had a break in it so I went out armed with a plastic bag and rain jacket. I got p…
Clock on Fuel Cover, 2008

I have to say I'm really lucky that I have Tod in my life. Not only does he love my art, he loves finding baubles. I wish I could take the credit for finding this piece, I cannot. He went to MA recently and upon my request for stuff from an auto junk yard came home with this beautiful auto/truck(?) fuel cover. Sometimes I feel like it isn't really MY art when someone else finds me scrap pieces, but he claims he doesn't have the vision to do what I would do with the pieces he gives me. I owe him dinner and when the piece is sold I owe him again don't cha think?


Here is the one that wouldn't quite fit on the wall. This was the one that took every brain cell I had to put together. I had a couple different sizes of those baubles above and below the horse but none matched perfectly because of holes in them. I remedied that by putting steel bands around them. I guess the biggest challenge was finding the perfect place to put them. Once you start choosing options of all close together, using one, two or all three of them side by side or spread apart, well you can imagine how insane the choices get. Not only that, but as I have said before I have problems when it comes to measuring things. I mean, I take screws I need to the hardware store because I need to see them. When I measure something on my measuring tape I write down 9 and a half minus 2. Or five and a 1/4 + 3. So getting all this even and level and straight was daunting. All on one pipe. All with primitive tools and mind. The Gallery hasn't looked closely at it yet, w…

Portrait of The Wonder Horse

Hey I got the 2nd one done and it fits on the wall! Whoo hoo.

erasing the blog post

So I'm an idiot.
Decided to erase my morning rant since everything turned out better than I could have hoped.

I took The Wonder Horse in and Evolution and she LOVED them. I was fairly certain Evolution would be fine but the other one not so sure based on a few technical issues. It wasn't hung up, so it could still be an issue, it is fixable, just not something I want to do unless I have to since basically I would have to start from scratch.

I was also concerned that the picture might be too strange. It does look like a stillborn. It is chilling and somewhat eerie that horse. As if in the pale light of the moon a dead or struggling animal was found.

And she loved it. And the gallery kicks some serious ass. They are renovating and making it twice as big. Tod went with me to deliver the work and we were blown away by the size way they are designing the space. This is about as exciting as getting the art in and selling it. I feel such a huge relief you have no idea. I know …


Tomorrow I will take the piece below to the gallery. I know they will take it. I'm also going to take The Wonder Horse. You don't get to see it for a couple of reasons. 1) it is too big to hang in the hallway and 2) I'm not going to take a picture of it on the floor, standing on a chair (like I do when I'm trying to put it together). I like to think they might take it and I can take a proper picture. If they don' might have to wonder about the wonder horse a bit longer.

I'm thinking they wont take it. There are a few technical issues with it that may or may not be issues. I can't tell since I can't hang it up and fuss with it. If they don't take it I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I think I love it but who can tell until its up on the wall? It's the one time I envy painters....most of them (I assume) work with the canvas on the wall. Working on these bigger pieces (in reality is isn't even that big) has been a …


Evolution, 2008
Mixed Media Photography
Approx 39" diameter

Well I managed to get something done this week! Trying to get at least one more piece finished to submit this weekend at the West Branch Gallery. I'm hoping they like this, it feels very powerful in real life, like a symbol or sign of some cosmic sort. I also hope they take this piece so I can see it on a real wall....this just fit in the hallway, literally no room to spare. The whole white balance thing nauseates to no end and I feel I have to mention it/apologize for my crappy photos of my work just in case a new comer visits and doesn't know that I have no where else to hang the work to view it and there are stairs in front so I can never get the right shot.

Meanwhile the Wonder Horse is still the bane of my existence. It is the tiniest little details that have caused a delay in finishing. I'm sure when people look at it they wont understand how I could spend a week solid just fussing with it non-stop. …

Artists Review Artists

J.T. Kirkland at Thinking About Art posted the review that Aric Calfee wrote about my work. You can see it here. I really was impressed by his thoughts on the piece. I'm not so sure I could have come up with something nearly as interesting or well thought out. In fact, if I had to review that piece I have to wonder if it would have been favorable (even though I really love this particular piece). It is that out of context thing, when I try to imagine what I might think about it ~ having no clue that the artist (me) was making 100 clocks on RR Fish Tie Plates and using all found objects. At any rate, it was a good experience and I'm glad I mustered up the courage to do it.

to the dogs

I turned the tube on this morning for a quick looksee at the evenings possibilities. (looks like WPT and High Stakes Poker are it) when I happened upon this blippet on the sunday morning talk show.

A dog did this. 'Tillie' aka Tillamock Cheddar. A little Jack Russell from Brooklyn. She even has her own website.

I kind of viscerally reacted in a negative way at first. Tod was walking by and he too had that roll of the eye 'tude. Then we laughed. And then found it interesting. This is how he does it as quoted from Dog Art Today:

Tillie expresses her artistic sensibilities with the help of her assistant F. Bowman Hastie III, who assembles a touch-sensitive recording device by affixing pigment-coated vellum to a sheet of lithograph paper backed by mat board. Then, Tillie takes the "canvas" in her mouth and uses her teeth and paws to scratch sweeping lines and intersections with a ritualistic intensity, sometimes to the point of nearly destroying her creation.


gallery openings

Things are busy in my little world. Tonight is the First Friday Art Walk in B-town (independence day pushed it back a week). While I am not officially having my own show, I am now showing possibly seven clocks. Gabriel also wants me to bring the two clocks posted below along with that camera clock. (four are already in the gallery)

Tomorrow night the Lazy Pear is having an opening, again I'm not the 'star' of this but I do have seven pieces there. I'm slated to work a bit taxi-wise but hopefully I can zip the 26 mi or so over there and visit.

In a few more weeks the Stowe Gallery I am in is having an opening as well and new works need to be in like NOW. This has been a slow year for me there. I've not made more than one mixed media piece (plenty of clocks though) and that is the only thing I've got in there. I've got two large prints of the wonder horse and a larger print of evolution lined up for mixed media pieces, I'm going to have to bust a nu…

the artists review artists project

J.T. Kirkland at Thinking About Art has a project going on over at his blog that I partook in last week. I believe it is still something anyone can do if you are so inclined, it being the ARAP (artists review artists project). It's a great way to get a little exposure, be exposed and just have some fun with art in general.

I had my work reviewed in a gallery opening over a year ago by an editor of a New England Art Zine, he actually spoke about my work along with two other people at a gallery opening. It was kind of a big deal at the time. The one thing that bugged me was he never spoke to me at all about my work (probably the norm but it still bugged me). He had no real idea why I did what I did or what it meant to me. I've written about this on the blog before, how during his talk at the gallery when someone asked a question about my work he answered and I piped in with my two cents worth.

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was nervous to submit a picture to J.T.'…

a day in advance

So Monday night at 9pm east coast side, HBO presents the documentary "The Art of Failure: Chuck Connelly Not For Sale"
It looks like its a gonna be a good one so if you don't get HBO find someone to tape it for you.

Click here to read a synopsis. I personally hadn't heard of him, but I am a late bloomer when it comes to the whole art thing. Enjoy!


testing, one two three.
hey did you know that firefox has an ad-on whereby you can blog without being on your blog? It's called scribefire and all you do after adding the ad-on is click the scribefire thingie on the bottom of your screen and poof you get a half screen sized window that you can post from. no more going to your blog and hitting new post or going through any of the routine of that. you can even still surf the web without it closing. god i'm loving firefox!

Intravenous #72/100

Intravenous, 2008

Steel and Plastic #71

Steel and Plastic, 2008

the plastic is from a
milk jug from my own kitchen....

Styrofoam No. 1

Styrofoam No. 1

This was an interesting way to vent yesterday's frustration. I put on really loud angry music and went into a completely new direction. I've been wanting to make something with Styrofoam for awhile now, I have a feeling my tastes in materials is going to be changing a bit.