dump find

While I do prefer the thought of furnishing my diggs with things I have made from scrap/found objects, I had to nab this when I went to the dump today. Its an interesting table with a pop open top for storage, just the sort of things I like...very functional, not shiny, not new, and FREE. A little murphy's oil and perhaps disassembly required of some ugly hardware affixed to it and she is good to go. I haven't figured out what the bottom part is made of and what if anything I could do to it. It is kind of ugly detail wise but maybe something to fiddle with some day. I also just got two prints made of the Wonder Horse, both about 22 x29" and now they are on their way to canada to be laminated so I can mount them onto something incredible. More fun art to bash my head against.


gigi said...

that piece of furniture looks very cool from here. looking forward to seeing the wonder horse in action!

Shelby said...

I really like that piece.. I'd pick that from the dump myself. Great find.

Renee said...

Awesome find! :-)