commissioned clock

(white balance, as usual, is completely hideous in the basement)

This is how I usually work. If I didn't have my computer it would greatly limit my 'eye'. Since everything is always laid out on the floor I can never EVER get the right perspective so I have to take pictures and see it on the computer screen to get a feel for it. It always looks completely different to me and it is much easier to spot things that would work vs things I thought would work that don't when I can sit down and see it in front of me on the screen.

The commissioned clock is already a huge challenge for me. Based on what I was told about their space I came up with these ideas. This person lives in CA, initially all I had to go by was a description of black marble counters, bamboo floors, cherry cabinets and cream colored walls. I was aware it was probably very upscale but I had no real idea. I was told the clocks is going to fit a space of 26" long by 16" high. That in itself is a challenge since I feel like clocks look better taller than longer.

All the above ideas were nixed. I came up with a few more completely different prototypes and those were nixed. I wanted to nix me. They are being patient and wanting me to take my time. I was finally able to get a picture of their kitchen. I was a bit taken aback by how streamlined and modern it was, taken aback that they wanted me to make them something because my work tends to have lots of rusty crusty scrap in it. They aren't wanting that either, at least not to the degree that I normally use. There in lies the challenge, to look at the one clock they like the most that I have made and try to bring out that essence. It is pushing me to think and be open in ways I'm not used to. I keep thinking everything I have in the basement is ALL I USE. THAT'S IT. As if going out there and looking for new possibilities isn't possible.

Perhaps that is why I'm wanting to work myself to death with tedious weed pulling and house cleaning. By the way, I worked a little over 5 hours yesterday and was up ALL NIGHT with restless leg syndrome. A gardener I am not. I guess one doesn't just wait until they are 46 yrs old to start squatting in one lump sum. All the weed pulling I've done around the house was at my leisure and I took breaks and did it throughout the day. I'm guessing that isn't going to work for this job so maybe I'll just be an emergency worker. Kind of like the taxi driving. It's good to try something different though, suffer a bit and realize I should just keep working hard on art, if I'm going to wreck my body I'd rather do it while doing something I feel passionate about.


Karen said...

Commissions scare me! I think it is so hard to make something to 'fit'someones idea of the artwork I make. The very very few times I have fallen into a commission I found myself procrastinating to the point of stupid! You are a brave woman Paula! As for weed pulling I can just imagine how your poor legs must feel!

self taught artist said...

nice to know how another artist feels about commissions. Interesting situation to put yourself in isn't it :)