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no clock for you

That commissioned clock is a bust. I put an end to it today. There is a part of me that feels some sort of shame in admitting this, what with everyone saying 'oh you'll make a great clock for them I just know it' blah blah blah.

Well know what? I sent close to 30 pictures of ideas and everyone of them was rejected. I've only done two other commissions and they too were challenging but I had more freedom. I think ultimately it is a fine line between allowing the artist to do what they do and having it your way. I'm not sure I could have ever come up with something for these people. I've spent a couple weeks on this and I've reached a point where I'm not feeling like anything I do will work. I have no ill will about this, I'm frustrated naturally, but I have to respect my boundaries. I didn't charge for this up front, I didn't feel comfortable with it, how can I charge for something if they don't get anything? (to their credit the…


Well my faithful few readers already know my story, but for those of you who don't, The Minimalist recently interviewed me and posted the first half on her Minimalistic Lifestyle blog. Thanks minimal for being interested!

flinging yourself to the next level

I can't know what other artists go through, but I have to wonder if they don't experience similar phases when it comes to growth and stuckness. Sometimes it feels like I could do anything and succeed, and then there are periods of complete feelings of failure. I understand there is this stretching of self, you push yourself and do something that is just a little beyond what you normally do and then realize you've gone outside of your line and wonder what you are doing 'out there'.

I'm feeling it now. The last dozen clocks I have made have crossed some sort of line and now I'm floundering. The commission job is also making me uneasy. I have the ideas just don't have the skills or tools or knowledge. I can't learn it all and I can't do it all. So what do I do? What if I have ideas that supersede my abilities? Once you realize you've pushed yourself further in some way it makes it painful to go back to doing things the way you were if t…

Camera Clock

Camera Clock
Approx. 13" diameter

Yet another idea I had for that commissioned clock. They liked the prototype pictures I sent of it but weren't 'in love' with it. I had to make it anyways. The outer round part is a hollow form from a sawmill foundry. In the center I have used black sandpaper. I'm sorry but I think that is the coolest thing I've done in a long time. SANDPAPER. Anyhow. The silver ring is from a mirror and under the camera piece I've put some strange super light paper thin flashing to kind of offset the camera piece. Another one of a kind original clock that is made entirely from found objects.

Emile Norman

Yesterday I finished watching a documentary I taped about the artist Emile Norman. What a life this guy had! He grew up on a ranch in the 1920's, was gay, had a slight foot deformity and was by all accounts an artist even as a child. Without any emotional support from his mother when it came to art he paved his own way in life and even at 90 yrs old continues to make art.

What struck me most about this documentary was how everything fell into place for him. Some are fortunate, they know what they want to do at an early age and do it regardless of who is there to encourage them. He also met his life partner fairly early in life and this man saw such greatness in Emile that he told him to just keep making art, he would take care of him. Together with the help and support from others, they built their own amazing home in Big Sur in CA.

Emile had an opportunity to do a show in NY which after the critics wrote about it, sold out the next day. He could have stayed in NY and 'made…

commissioned clock

(white balance, as usual, is completely hideous in the basement)

This is how I usually work. If I didn't have my computer it would greatly limit my 'eye'. Since everything is always laid out on the floor I can never EVER get the right perspective so I have to take pictures and see it on the computer screen to get a feel for it. It always looks completely different to me and it is much easier to spot things that would work vs things I thought would work that don't when I can sit down and see it in front of me on the screen.

The commissioned clock is already a huge challenge for me. Based on what I was told about their space I came up with these ideas. This person lives in CA, initially all I had to go by was a description of black marble counters, bamboo floors, cherry cabinets and cream colored walls. I was aware it was probably very upscale but I had no real idea. I was told the clocks is going to fit a space of 26" long by 16" high. That in itself is …

by by blue e

I've seen the light er fox...uh fire....I've finally let go of using IE as my web browser. I have Bob Johnson to thank over at Blackholes and Astrostuff because of my recent complaining to him that it takes FOREVER to load his site. He suggested I use Firefox. I did in fact install this months ago because I knew it was a safer browser to use but rarely went there. All my Outlook Express links opened in IE and I never understood all the tab stuff and options ~ I was always closing everything and getting annoyed. Low and behold last week I picked up a library book (see sidebar review under goodreads) about using Firefox and this is what I've poured over at night. I get it now. I like it now. I have closed down the blue e. Figured out how to make OE open links in Firefox. I'm beginning to grasp all the cool things you can do and enjoy faster browsing experience of videos and pictures.

My last remaining computer thing to do is to go inside and install a new hard dr…

a new energy

Last week Tod ran into a friend of his in Burlington and gave him one of my clock postcards. Gabriel Boray. I've never met him but have heard about him from Tod. I knew too what his work looked like as I checked it out online, he is a painter who interestingly has some amazing paintings of industrial areas and railroad tracks. Tod mentioned that Gabriel had an immediate reaction to the postcard so I emailed him and asked about showing him my work. I have to say, Gabriel is probably the first artist I have met here that is really intense and determined to make it. No shit job for him. He wants to live and work and play as an artist. Recently Gabriel opened up his own gallery right above the Flynn Center for Performing Arts on Main Street and today I went there with some clocks he picked out from my website for possible exhibiting! I was there over an hour and a half ~ incredible since I often feel I have nothing to say to people. I like this guy! I like his energy. I l…

Found Object Coffee Table

I finally got the coffee table put together. Now I have two tables to show in my non-existent world of found object furniture exhibits. The other table has similar features in that the stands are both foundry molds forms that I just glued together. This table is a good example of patience. Last year I had a commission from the gallery, I took two strange objects I found at a farm and had someone weld flashing over it. Initially I was going to use the other side as a canvas to put work into but alas I ended up doing something completely different. So here I was, stuck with two pieces that I had spent over $100 on and no clue what to do with them. And a year later I had this idea to just place it on this stand and it fit perfectly, it is sleek and to me has the feel of a shark..very dorsal fin dont you think? Wonder what I will do with the partner piece, I'm all out of those foundry molds...

Clock and Pipe #70

Clock and Pipe #70/100

Finally got another clock done. This one has been in the works for a few weeks...yesterday I had the epiphany to stuff wire in the pipe and now it feels complete to me. I consider this to be in my 'ridiculous art' category. It is ridiculous. And I love it.


So a few posts ago I've written about needing support in some undefined way and trying to come to terms with what if any direction I am trying to head into. I appreciate the feedback and thoughts, and mostly for being able to question and for lack of better word, complain a bit and not have people react as much as just listen and accept me. I really don't want to whine, and I don't feel I have [too much at least eh?]. It is my life after all and no one is going to, nor should they, direct it but me.

The good thing about this is, I feel I have more clarity. How can I complain about the out of state gallery representation thing when I haven't given it my all? And what I see now is I haven't given it my all because there is still a part of me that isn't attracted to it because of the experiences I have had at galleries thus far. And until, unless I can find a way to let it go and enjoy the experience I will never follow that route in earnest. For some reason the wo…

8 Tiles

8 Tiles #69/100
I have spent the last few days re arranging the tiles and had hand painted Chinese characters onto four tiles only to finally realize that by turning the tiles over and seeing the beautiful underbelly that I was wasting my time trying to add anything to them. The hands drove me nuts, I've painted them every color and sometimes two colors trying to get them to show up. I opted for a dark black/red/gray to match the caulk on the tile. It shows up great when its over the lighter tiles ~ a gold outline on the hands keeps it showing up when they are predominately over the red part.

dump find

While I do prefer the thought of furnishing my diggs with things I have made from scrap/found objects, I had to nab this when I went to the dump today. Its an interesting table with a pop open top for storage, just the sort of things I like...very functional, not shiny, not new, and FREE. A little murphy's oil and perhaps disassembly required of some ugly hardware affixed to it and she is good to go. I haven't figured out what the bottom part is made of and what if anything I could do to it. It is kind of ugly detail wise but maybe something to fiddle with some day. I also just got two prints made of the Wonder Horse, both about 22 x29" and now they are on their way to canada to be laminated so I can mount them onto something incredible. More fun art to bash my head against.

flounder, and were not talking fish

I have sort of lost my way these last few months. While it is true I'm not working much at all, I am on call for emergencies seven days a week and I manage to get my share of those to do. The staff is small and I'm available for non-human transport, it's just enough to make maybe $100 a week but it is also just enough to keep me more tied to the phone and less free than I wanna be. How can I complain though, it couldn't get much easier honestly. I find more and more I keep thinking this is the reason or that is the reason for my feeling of floundering. Ultimately there are no real reasons, only those I want to give for some sort of self placation.

Normally I keep my work space tip top unless I have real projects in the making. Lately I find I start something only to start another thing somewhere else in there, in that dark windowless ever shrinking basement. I go in there usually every day and piddle around. Ever glad that the clocks are a continual source of purpose an…

Nitidulidae #68/100

Nitidulidae #68/100
Fat rubber, two vices and a round found thing the totality of these objects resembles [to me at least] the underbelly of a beetle, hence the name. Notice the shadow of the clock, the little legs and segmented body booty.