toxic fun and the wonder horse

today tod and i got to rummage around and old abandoned dump. it was hidden away at the bottom of a ravine, quite old and forgotten and full of completely rusted out cans, scads of broken bottles, rusty appliances and tires. towards the end of the ravine i saw this horse and stopped dead in my tracks. i KNEW. this was going to be the coolest thing i've taken a picture of in a long long time. i cannot wait to have these pictures blown up and printed! i want to go back and take more shots, it was hard since i was on an incline and the horse is upside down on the incline. the tripod was resting at different levels on a pipe and in all kinds of crap. i scooted some stuff away and went at it. i am THRILLED with this and might even nab the horse next time i go there and use him in some bizarro assemblage. tod and i were able to find a trunk full of delicious dump scrap. yee haa!


BlueJude said...

YOU are so innovative. LOVE the TV tube. And you're also very lucky with your findings. Queen of rusty scrap trasures. Now for the life of me I can't figure out why you didn't take the horse home in the first place!? Uber cool! Happy Tuesday STA!

Kim Hambric said...

Very evocative of lost childhood. This photo makes me want to cry. I feel the need to play with my daughter right now.

Can't wait to see where this photo leads you.

Steve Kane said...

You have a nose for finding cool stuff. Ain't scrap great?

self taught artist said...

hey bluejude, didn't take it cuz it felt like it was supposed to stay there for now. i knew i would want to go back for more pics too.
it was like finding a corpse...wasn't ready to lift it from its resting place.
kim, your reaction to it was great
yes, scrap is great steve, better than shiny and new any old day.

gigi said...

that wonder horse is frickin cool. great photo!