Stowe ______ this is ____ how may I help you?
(me) uh, yeah I'm wondering if you have a drill bit, I need a cobalt pilot 5/16"
hold on let me check
hello, no, sorry we have every other size but that one.
(me) uh, how bout one size up what is that?
hold on
that would be blah blah blah ....
(me) I need it to be 5/16" and not much more, how much bigger is that?
that's a bit bigger
(me) do you know when you might get some in?
(me) okay. thanks

next call:

_____ Hardware, ________ speaking
(me) hi, yeah, I need a drill bit, cobalt. pilot. 5/16" you got any?
whats a pilot
(me) you know, it has a tip on the end
let me check
nope, no pilots

(me) thanks

next place.....same thing
next place same thing
next place same thing
this is what it is like to live in a tiny town
god love it


Bob Johnson said...

Lol, get that in bigger towns too, I am in Winfield just outside Kelowna this week and one thing small towns don't have much of is city lights, see the night sky better.

Misplaced said...

They are fresh out of pilots :)- I agree with Bob, I think it's the same in every town.

self taught artist said...

i guess i was shocked that such a working community would be questioning what a pilot bit is, let alone not carry them or just be out.
the dark sky yes!
and no billboards in vermont!