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You may or may not recall last month I posted the table idea (pic above). Well I have finished the table, at least I think I have. This is my first piece of functional art furniture from Found Objects. The base and the round part are Forms used in Foundry work (base for RR Scales and Round thing from a Mill). I used 1/2" MDF board for the table top and cut two puzzle like pop outs so you can store things inside the table.

I almost hesitate to post this as I have been staring at this piece for so long, looking intently at it very myopically and when I see the final result it isn't quite what I thought it would be. Tod isn't liking the handles, he thinks they don't match. I'm thinking I could paint them a black matt, but I personally love the silver rustiness of them, they are dull not shiny and I am drawn to them. Tod has had this issue before with some of my pieces that I LOVED and they sold.

This brings up an interesting conundrum, that being, there are people that love things that I personally don't (speaking about my own art). I had to make them but wasn't thrilled with the end result even though I knew the piece was 'done'. Then there are pieces I love while others don't get it. This table is such a new thing for me; I think I'm afraid of it. When I think back on my first puzzle assemblage and then compare it to what I made a year later, I realize this might fall in the same growth category.

I would actually like to hear some feedback on this.....
(and as usual the color balance sucks...the table top is more of a brick red matte)
the strange scritch lines in the cut
out pieces above aren't really that visible,
its pixel stuff from reducing the image

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Karen Jacobs said...

Very interesting and ambitious for an early piece... agreed, I think you're design skills will morph with each piece... will be fun to watch. I was disappointed that you didn't expose the wood side of the 'legs'... would have added another terrific texture.

self taught artist said...

thanks for feedback
ya know i could have stripped the whole thing and all of it would have been beautiful wood
i guess i like knowing it is in there like a little jewel.

Daphne said...

I love the cut out storage and the handles work well with the red as well as the overall recycled them.

In terms of scale and balance the top is visually heavy compared to the legs. I had wondered earlier if you would separate the legs a bit (I think that they're two separate pieces?).Adding space between them would have allowed for more balance. Of course this is coming from the interior designer part of me who has spent twenty years looking at three dimensional construction.

Evenspor said...

I love it. The handles are my favorite part.

Simon Roderick said...

Thanks for the comment, and the link to my blog.
I recognise that situation (people that love things that you don't och visa versa), It’s the same for me. I think the table looks great, I really like the handles, I don’t think you should paint them.

BlueJude said...

It was cool to see the puzzle pieces. About the table, my first instinct was LEAVE the handles as is. After seeing the last pic, it took me a moment to realize that OH the pieces pop off- and there's storage inside! How cool is that? (Wow, talk about a blonde moment! LOL) Anyhoo, I LOVE IT! Happy Tuesday STA!

San said...

I love that aerial view of your storage compartment--the flowing puzzle lines are fun and I too like the rustiness of the handles. It kind of reverberates with the brick red.

Karen's idea of leaving some wood exposed is good I think. And I see what Daphne is saying about the top-heavy aspect, but in a way that adds to the funkiness. Bennie deliberately makes his clocks extremely top-heavy. Sometimes people are scared they will topple over, but they love the look. And of course, the found word is priceless!

Shelby said...

It's fantastic!

self taught artist said...

thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts, it is appreciated and helpful! i'm shocked so many people like it. the handles, for now, stay by unamimous vote!