NY Times Puzzle Redo



Lighter, simpler. Less bulk and more satisfying, much like a paper thin wafer.

YES. More blurry, badly lit photos because we live in a cave with horrid lighting both from the one side of windows and electrically speaking. No patience to fuss.


sarala said...

Wow. You are on such a roll! I love the new clocks but haven't quite "gotten" the table yet. I'm envious of the trip to the old dump too. I would have loved to tag along.
The crossword puzzle wall is great.
I'm not clear on what the materials are or how you made them. Tell us more.

self taught artist said...

sure, sorry for the crappy photo.
i put the puzzles together and mounted them each on their own board, then varnished them to protect. All six boards are then mounted onto 1/2" MDF board. It is super light.
i'm sure you would have come home with more pics than i did, i dont like taking my camera on dirty jobs.

San said...

Love the puzzle wall! My daughter would too. She took an old metal-legged coffee table and attached crossword puzzles to the top. She was inspired by the floor of a gallery we saw in Silver City, New Mexico. It was all newspapers that had been glued down, then varnished thickly. She vows to have a floor like that some time.

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