cord cover

I still haven't made a tv stand. I did however bring home a long black plastic accordian tube from today's hike, I saw it last night in the woods and knew I would be back to get it. Last night while watching a movie I realized I wanted to cover the tv cord with a pipe. Incredibly Tod also had a thought of covering the cord during the movie. We were watching Running with Scissors and I don't think anything in the movie triggered the thoughts ~ it was more just staring at the tv for two hours and being subjected to the dark cord against the white wall. [Augusten has another new book out btw, A Wolf at the Table and bravo to him for another can't put down book.]

The living area has been undergoing radical changes. As I mentioned earlier we got rid of the pre-furnished house rug, got rid of Tod's ugly old desk and the bland coffee table. We never had a real tv stand so I've set out to make a coffee table and a tv stand to go with our other growing collection of found object furniture, clocks, and art. When I put the tv in the corner I never dealt with hiding the cords, next to the tv is the hideous component stand that has filled up the wall outlet so the tv plug had to go on the other wall.

We are quite pleased with this look. There is something toxic and industrial, not to mention ridiculous about this big tube thing looking like it blasts into the small speaker. I'm sure it will influence whatever it is I end up creating for the tv stand. It never ceases to amaze me what I find on my hikes in the woods. Just the other day I found a 5" long piece of gray/red metal hanging on a bush. Also found an old horse plow that is trapped for life since a tree is growing in the middle of it.


Steve Kane said...

That is so cool. You've got that whole "retrograding" thing down to an art. You should design sets for distopian sci-fi films.

self taught artist said...

of course i had to look up DISTOPIAN. that could become a favorite word...kind of like saying ABILIFY over and over.

thanks for the compliment steve

Bob Johnson said...

I love the whole big tube thing, looks cool.

Daphne said...

Very awesome tube. The scale is nuts and cool.

sarala said...

I have to look for the Wolf book. i like his stuff a lot too.