unparalleled stupidity

today i decided to take some close up pictures of some used sandpaper. in what can only be described as a Tardive Dyskinesia moment (characterized by repetitive, involuntary, purposeless movements) I scraped the sandpaper on my camera lens and scratched the hell out of it. it remains to be seen if I have to buy a new camera, i'm avoiding the camera like the plague now.


JAXTER said...

Ouch - I am sorry... I hate when I have those moments and it is great to know am not the only one. A few months ago I was trying to clean some dust off my SLR's mirror, ooops, glad I don't use it much anymore and rely on my digital.

Karen said...

Oh NO! That does not sound good at all. I once lost a favorite camera when the old worn out leather strap,that I KNEW needed to be replaced,broke and the camera tumbled from around my neck down the side of a rocky mountain...I know just how you feel.

Rick Koobs said...

That is a major drag. Am so sorry this happened.