Slice of Time Three #61/100


Could it be I forgot to post this clock that I made a few weeks ago? It is the third clock in this Edition that has a worn saw blade as the backdrop for the clock. There is a nice sparkle to the blade and while you might not be able to discern it from the photo, the top and bottom part of the RR Plate have been painted with a coppery sheen to compliment the blade.


San said...

Slice of Time. Cutting edge.

Karen said...

Paula I am catching up on your blog. You had me laughing with the higher power post..funny stuff. Your outcast clock is wonderful in its abstraction. I like that one alot. I nominated you for the Arte y Pico blog award because I think you are a stellar talent!

self taught artist said...

thanks karen!! glad you like the outcast clock too.
very cute san ;)

gigi said...

i love the orange on this. nice piece.