The Outcast #63

The Outcast

Finished another clock last week and have had it up on the wall checking it out. I decided to give it some time before stamping it with my seal of approval. This clock I must admit has grown on me in a big way. I wasn't 100% sure about it at first ~ I hesitated because it has a different feel than most of my clocks and I needed to really be with it. I've been with it and I'm ready for #64! The best part about this piece is having is above a chair, when you look up at it the dimensionality sucks you in. It feels very old and yet purposeful.


Nellie's Needles said...

Funky! I like it!

San said...

That big sweeping arc says: Don't fence me in.

gigi said...

i am reminded of my trig class in high school with the protractorish protrusion outside of the "box" -- eep -- but i STILL like it! :)

Bob Johnson said...

Love it, very spacey as in outer spacey to me.