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Okay, I finished watching the Garbage Warrior (see below). And while I'm spouting about aesthetics more than consumption, I now just sit here blinking in complete AWE about this human being. This isn't just about him building an unusual home. This isn't about money. This guy really gives a shit about people. He went over to help out with the 2005 Andaman Islands tsunami. He helped out in Mexico. He has struggled to keep doing what he believes in in ways that I cannot fathom. He is intelligent, gutsy, determined and worthy of being cloned. I'm left speechless really. I feel like a peon. Him and his 'crew' blow my mind and I found myself crying while watching this documentary solely out of disbelief that people like them exist.

How ironic that we here in America (legislature) didn't get what he wanted to do. How ironic that some horrible natural disaster had to happen before anyone would take notice of him and allow him to 'experiment'. Last night Tod watched the doc. and came to me and said that this guy is his new hero. I now know why. Michael Reynolds is an amazing man. An artist, a visionary and humanitarian.
Garbage Warrior premiered recently on Sundance Channel so look for it!

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Clare said...

Hi Self Taught! I am so glad you said "Garbage Warrior" premiered on Sundance -- I immediately, with computer on my lap still, turned on the t.v. and did a search for it and set it to record next time it's on -- which is this afternoon! I am really looking forward to seeing it -- Michael Reynolds sounds like one of those people who totally changes lives and inspires others. We definitely need folks like him. Thanks for telling us about him!