head spinning

Blog surfing, look where I landed! Another self sustainable house! I saw this on Inhabitat, and had to check out the zerohouse website. Just in case the earthship thing isn't your style, this is a more modern look but sounds like it has the same attributes. Spending time thinking about things that make my head ache. Knowing I'm not going to change or fix the world, knowing it's too late to get rid of all the structures we have and even if we could isn't that part of the endless cycle of redoing things over and over? I start getting overwhelmed by it all and have to remember to focus on what I can do; how I can live. I look at the idea I have below for a coffee table and part of me thinks what a joke. The other part is excited and thinks this is very cool and unique and fun to do. Am I wasting time just replacing one piece of furniture for another? I guess it depends on how I look at it. Right now I'm learning things. Just trying to understand how a stupid hinge works has taken me more time than I care to share. Realizing how unskilled I am in so many areas can completely drain me but that is where perseverance kicks in and the opportunity to do something in a different way, my way creeps in. At least I'm using my brain for something. On a daily basis honestly all I can hope for is to learn, to be kind, to perhaps experience some joy and kindness from a friend or stranger and give some back. To laugh. And to take care of myself as best I can.


Bob Johnson said...

Cool houses, my head aches if I spend too much time on the net, too much info out there I don't get, and that's just my site :). I know what you mean, I think sometimes I'm in way over my head with this astrophotograpy stuff, but I do what I can in baby steps in my spare time and get on with doing life.

Joy Logan said...

U used my original name of a blog idea LOL! Kewl beans house. Don't throw stones?!

BlueJude said...

Absolutely LOVE the coffee table! Glad to see your in a more positive mode....and the taxi has taken a backseat in your life!