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Michael Reynolds/Garbage Warrior

I taped this doc. yesterday and have yet to watch it all. All I know is after watching the first five minutes of it I knew I wanted an earthship. (although I wouldn't want to live in the 'community' that they show) And it has set into motion (at least in my minds eye) all sorts of thoughts about how I would like to funnel my artistic energies. How people could live and function differently. I'm not an environmentalist. I don't use recycled materials in my art to make a statement about the world and pollution. I use the items I do more out of a sense of wonder and excitement in finding 'treasures'. It is feasible and cost effective to use found materials for art. And why not for your home? Why do we always remodel our home with new stuff and it always looks just like everyone else's'? It has got me thinking about how dull and drab I have always felt the boxes (homes) are that most people live in. About the waste of space and materials. About the endless funneling of resources and money that everyone works so hard for, all to have something done that isn't really unique in the grand scheme of things not to mention that the final outcome hasn't made any difference in the use of electricity or water. They are still connected to the 'man'. Still sucking power from the cable like a helpless infant. Not everyone needs to be unique. Not everyone needs to have a house that is insulated with dirt filled tires and walls of cement and cans or bottles. But I still have this sickening sense that most people are complacent and clueless about how they could be living and what they could be doing with their time and energy (i'm guilty of being clueless but working on it). We could all use a bit of weaning I think.

I've seen more than my share of homes. When I was a massage therapist and travelled to my clients homes I was always shocked by the waste. The waste of completely redoing their homes over and over and buying new homes or having new homes made and in the end they still looked like a stupid house with more rooms than they ever needed with furniture that rarely got used and always looked the same as everyone else's. The time involved. The money involved. They spent it all on their homes and outer shells (bodies). And they were still unhappy. Still aging. Still vapid and looking to fill the void. And yes I sound very judgemental. And yes no one should live the way I think they should. And yes you have a right to do whatever you want with the place you call home. But what a blight it is. I have almost forgotten what the scourge looks like if it weren't for this one area I pass when I drive on the highway just before you reach Burlington. Box houses right next to a box city. The houses look the same. Identical ugly wasteful dull spaces. And the 'normal' houses that are not part of a mass cookie cutting operation are still boxes. Still bizarre places we use to store crap we never use and repeatedly change and fuss with. To what end?

I mean no offense as I know many of my blog readers are creative people and enjoy fixing up their homes. I've been there done that too in my past. And I believe that we all have the right to live how we want to a certain point. And who am I to say that the enjoyment someone derives from redoing a room isn't a healthy outlet for them? I'm talking masses here. Not pinpointing any one person or home.

You watch the video and then tell me you don't see what I am talking about just a little eh?

And if that doesn't do it for you, try this one:

What I want to know is, was I THAT SELF ABSORBED AND DRUNK when all of this was taking place or did the media not clue us in? Click the pic. for the link but click here for a more detailed clue in. Horrifying and uplifting. What a positive documentary I found this to be despite the struggle and greed and political sickness that capitalism breeds. I will never be a politician. I will probably never amount to much as far as helping anyone. I have this need to make a difference, it swells and rises within me occasionally but I know am I not one to be a part of some movement. Or am I? Such conflicts in me. I get so riled up about things that are better discussed elsewhere.

I think the message both documentaries have doled out to me personally is this: We as a country really need to WAKE UP. We are fat and lazy (metaphorically) slumbering animals who have gotten way too comfortable. There are people out there, countries out there that are rapidly changing how infrastructures work and operate. They are doing some remarkable things and grasping towards new realities. If you want to change your future, let go of your past. Start thinking. Don't just do what everyone else does. Don't live your life as if on a treadmill. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. End of sermon.


Steve Kane said...

Here here.

I have very simple requirements regarding where I live: a bed, somewhere to put my books and CDs a desk, a comfortable chair and a telephone line. (Oh, and electricity, heating and running water if you want to be pedantic).

On a vaguely related subject, a chum of mine in America wanted to enter a competition to make a campaign video for Barack Obama, the winning ad to receive $20,000. He asked me if I wanted to compose some music for it. The thought of providing music to a political campaign, to promote any politician, made me feel a bit nauseous so I turned him down.

The thought of my music being used to sell crap to people (be it a car or furniture or a lifestyle or a politician) just don't sit right with me.

Dang. I guess I do have a shred of idealism left after all.

self taught artist said...

believe me i struggle often with putting more stuff out there in the world...
i hope you find something some day that is worthy of putting your music with, i liked what little i heard.

Anonymous said...

I need you

self taught artist said...

apropo you goof
i just emailed you.
hope my suggestions helped :)