I'm all over the place right now. The Limited Ed. Clock series continues, I love love love having this edition to work on because it is something to always come back to when I feel like it, and when I don't, it is there waiting for my attention. Sometimes I have an idea and drill the hole and it doesn't pan out, the plate sits there with that empty hole staring at me. A vortex waiting for me to enter into.

The furniture thing continues as well. I scan the dumpsters, gaze at the side of the road as I drive the taxi taking mental note of what is where and when can I get back there to nab it. You wouldn't believe how much wood is out there, just waiting like a juicy piece of fruit hanging by a thread waiting to be picked. More and more I am obsessed with getting everything for free by the wayside. More and more I look and see all the waste, the continued buying of new this and that and the making of things that just drain more resources.

And as a segway, look at this. David Bryne has a blog. I noticed the bike rack competition immediately (that has nothing to do with him but I found out about it via his blog). I actually considered doing this but got overwhelmed by the actual prototype presentation that one would have to do were one picked. And then I realized for as cool as this is, its still, probably, people creating more stuff and not out of old stuff. I've almost had it with the do overs. Make more. More more more out of more resources. I should, for all my complaining lately, come up with something for this out of something that has been cast aside. I'm not sure where I want to point my creativity anymore. Not enough time. Not enough support. Not enough resources. Is this the tail end of my mid-life crisis? This desire to make a tiny difference? This urge to pronounce perhaps a tiny statement about something? Who is this person? Something has to happen, I can't keep driving people around and listening to banalities. People are insane. Maybe the whole reason I ended up with this job is to realize I'm not as screwed up as I think in comparison.


Steve Kane said...

Nothing helps putting one's own anxieties into perspective more than going out into the real world, mingling with "normal" people and realising that, by and large, they are completely fucking insane.

It's good for us hermits to remind ourselves of that every once in a while.

By the way, thanks drawing attention to David Byrne's blog. I'd love to see one of his bike racks made real! I also read his thoughts on the current credit crisis - frighteningly plausible. Brian Eno-era Talking Heads were brilliant.

Karen Jacobs said...

You make so much sense when you 'blather'... I like where your thoughts are taking you, I see a purpose developing. Also, dittos to Steve's comments about the "normally" insane ;-)

self taught artist said...

steve, i loved your comment, glad too you got turned on to davids blog...and karen, thank god i make sense to someone :) (and dont paint over that wall!!!!!)

Shelby said...

blather.. a good word for the day for me..

happy what's left of this weekend.