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New weird findings. No clue what these things are. Anyone?
I've been busy this week working on my furniture ideas as well as trying to start some projects that require lots of sanding and noise outside before the house owners/visitors come. Already it is hot which means the crazy gardener is here more than I care to endure. Already people are coming. Got to get it done while I have the space and privacy so when the house is full I'm down in my hole working.

A few weeks ago Tod dismantled his ugly desk and we removed the large rug (prefurnished digs) which led to more inspiration for a simpler, cleaner living area. Soon as I can come up with found objects for a desk I'm dismantling the ugly desk I use, courtesy of the last care taker here. We continue our thoughts about living with less although honestly other than computer stuff and art stuff I'd be lucky to fill a carload, as well as living with ease. [by that I mean cutting the distractions and paying attention to what is important to us]

Compared to most people we are freaks,…

Killer Clock, #64/100

Killer Clock #64/100
Last Spring Tod and I were walking the tracks and one of us, I believe Tod, picked this can up. It is a Wasp and Hornet Killer Spray can, all mangled and rusty. It's been stitting on the shelf, waiting patiently for its moment. I cut a found grid for the background, it as close to conceptual as I get right now as it represents an actual hive. This has been a bitch to photograph ~ the odd aquamarine blue/green color still isn't coming out quite to my satisfaction but hey, your computer monitor is probably set completely different than mine anyway.


I'm all over the place right now. The Limited Ed. Clock series continues, I love love love having this edition to work on because it is something to always come back to when I feel like it, and when I don't, it is there waiting for my attention. Sometimes I have an idea and drill the hole and it doesn't pan out, the plate sits there with that empty hole staring at me. A vortex waiting for me to enter into.

The furniture thing continues as well. I scan the dumpsters, gaze at the side of the road as I drive the taxi taking mental note of what is where and when can I get back there to nab it. You wouldn't believe how much wood is out there, just waiting like a juicy piece of fruit hanging by a thread waiting to be picked. More and more I am obsessed with getting everything for free by the wayside. More and more I look and see all the waste, the continued buying of new this and that and the making of things that just drain more resources.

And as a segway, look at this. David…

unparalleled stupidity

today i decided to take some close up pictures of some used sandpaper. in what can only be described as a TardiveDyskinesia moment (characterized by repetitive, involuntary, purposeless movements) I scraped the sandpaper on my camera lens and scratched the hell out of it. it remains to be seen if I have to buy a new camera, i'm avoiding the camera like the plague now.

head spinning

Blog surfing, look where I landed! Another self sustainable house! I saw this on Inhabitat, and had to check out the zerohouse website. Just in case theearthship thing isn't your style, this is a more modern look but sounds like it has the same attributes. Spending time thinking about things that make my head ache. Knowing I'm not going to change or fix the world, knowing it's too late to get rid of all the structures we have and even if we could isn't that part of the endless cycle of redoing things over and over? I start getting overwhelmed by it all and have to remember to focus on what I can do; how I can live. I look at the idea I have below for a coffee table and part of me thinks what a joke. The other part is excited and thinks this is very cool and unique and fun to do. Am I wasting time just replacing one piece of furniture for another? I guess it depends on how I look at it. Right now I'm learning things. Just trying to understand how a stupid hinge wor…

Gallery write up

It so happens the new gallery I just got into was written up in the Times Argus today. They have some pretty amazing artists in there so I feel lucky to have my work in the same place. Makes me even more excited to be in such a cool place!


This afternoon I'm going to Montpelier to drop off three Mixed Media Works at The Lazy Pear Gallery. The piece to the left, Bent, Back View Woman, and Evolution. They also took four of my clocks!

The owners of this gallery, Rob and Mary Jo are artists themselves who have become more involved with the selling side of art over the last year or so. Their Gallery participates in the local Art Walks and this year they created a 'Sculptcycle' event for local artists. I'm liking what I see about this event as far as the parameters for the Artists. Not the same old same old. I also spent a few hours with them this week as they came to my place to see my work and talk. While they tell me not to have high hopes for my art going out the door as it is a slow time of year and they are still a smallish place and well lets face it, it is Vermont....I'm still thrilled to get my work somewhere and have the energy moving. No promises made to me either, but they also discussed their v…

Slice of Time Three #61/100

Slice of Time Three #61/100

Could it be I forgot to post this clock that I made a few weeks ago? It is the third clock in this Edition that has a worn saw blade as the backdrop for the clock. There is a nice sparkle to the blade and while you might not be able to discern it from the photo, the top and bottom part of the RR Plate have been painted with a coppery sheen to compliment the blade.

The Outcast #63

The Outcast
Finished another clock last week and have had it up on the wall checking it out. I decided to give it some time before stamping it with my seal of approval. This clock I must admit has grown on me in a big way. I wasn't 100% sure about it at first ~ I hesitated because it has a different feel than most of my clocks and I needed to really be with it. I've been with it and I'm ready for #64! The best part about this piece is having is above a chair, when you look up at it the dimensionality sucks you in. It feels very old and yet purposeful.
This is what my head feels like. That's me on the left, Tod is on the right wearing the special pendant of higher power. (note the cynical look I maintain while Tod as usual with the near vacant gaze) We have morphed into large veiny headed beings since watching the Garbage Warrior Documentary a few days ago. (posts below). Ideas swelling our heads into bulbous centers of activity.

I'm finally starting to see that part of being an artist is about the process of thought and idea having time to swim and explore into unknown waters. You can't always be doing something material. How days are still valuable even if you have nothing concrete to show for it. I feel like a huge chunk of my perceived reality just lifted up like a curtain and showed me what is behind it. Another layer revealed. Pushing aside all the overwhelm and how to. Holding that tiny thread of idea and letting it pull you onward despite the possible crushing obstacles looming like monsters.

more trash talk

I can't turn my brain off. I've been up all night thrashing around in bed with ideas pulling my head from side to side. I almost hate this. Having a million ideas might sound nice but when you realize you haven't the resources, the money, the space the knowledge to make it happen then what? I always have gotten stuck in life when it comes to going for it big time. Yeah I can look back and think I've done alot in the last few years, accomplished more than I could have imagined in art in such a short time. But what about the big stuff? What about really getting something going? It leaves me flat like I've been running hard and hit invisible glass and knock myself out. How do you get to that next level with something? Over and over this comes up for me and I suppress it, back down. Realize I haven't a fricking clue how to take the next step in whatever art endeavor I am seeking to move towards. I'm talking bigger works, bigger things. More knowledge, more exp…

more about michael reynolds

Okay, I finished watching the Garbage Warrior (see below). And while I'm spouting about aesthetics more than consumption, I now just sit here blinking in complete AWE about this human being. This isn't just about him building an unusual home. This isn't about money. This guy really gives a shit about people. He went over to help out with the 2005 Andaman Islands tsunami. He helped out in Mexico. He has struggled to keep doing what he believes in in ways that I cannot fathom. He is intelligent, gutsy, determined and worthy of being cloned. I'm left speechless really. I feel like a peon. Him and his 'crew' blow my mind and I found myself crying while watching this documentary solely out of disbelief that people like them exist.

How ironic that we here in America (legislature) didn't get what he wanted to do. How ironic that some horrible natural disaster had to happen before anyone would take notice of him and allow him to 'experiment'. Last night Tod …

going through my mind

Michael Reynolds/Garbage Warrior
I taped this doc. yesterday and have yet to watch it all. All I know is after watching the first five minutes of it I knew I wanted an earthship. (although I wouldn't want to live in the 'community' that they show) And it has set into motion (at least in my minds eye) all sorts of thoughts about how I would like to funnel my artistic energies. How people could live and function differently. I'm not an environmentalist. I don't use recycled materials in my art to make a statement about the world and pollution. I use the items I do more out of a sense of wonder and excitement in finding 'treasures'. It is feasible and cost effective to use found materials for art. And why not for your home? Why do we always remodel our home with new stuff and it always looks just like everyone else's'? It has got me thinking about how dull and drab I have always felt the boxes (homes) are that most people live in. About the waste of sp…

whats it all about alfie?

Have you ever watched any of those Art City DVD's? They show them occasionally on PBS. You can also get them through the library and of course, Netflix.

Tod forgot he had this DVD laying around so last night we had a rare night together (work is THAT dead) and watched it. Here is the description of this one: Director Chris Maybach's dynamic documentary offers insight into the intriguing lives of the players in New York City's art scene, stepping into galleries, collectors' homes and studios. Through interviews with a cross-section of critics, artists and collectors -- including Gary simmons and Elizabeth Murray -- Maybach sheds light on the artists' travails and motivations. Creative issues and the import of success are among the topics discussed.

I have a love hate relationship with watching anything to do about artists. Especially 'made' ones. I cringe and roll my eyes whenever I hear artists speak with convoluted self involved importance. Perhaps they rea…