more circles please


Last Fall I took part in a First Friday Art Walk in Burlington. My work was there for a month. The day I had to go take my work down I was walking to my car and saw a grease trap sitting on the sidewalk against a building. It was filthy and gross but I had to have it. Today I spent the morning bending the trap flat and cutting and grinding this piece, when I finally got it together and hung it up I became one with it. I don't know what it is exactly about circles, but they do something to my brain. They send me in a delirium. They rotate my thoughts and leave me speechless. They make me hum and buzz and somehow right me. I just noticed that my photographs are IN circles and my RR plates have circles in them. I like that too. Ying and Yang.


gigi said...

i love that yellow peeping out from the circles. it's a very hopeful shade.

good stuff. :)

Karen said...

This work and the two previous ones are so wonderful!Is there any oneout there who doesn't like circles? This one is fun, the previous one so seductive. Impressive, Paula. very!

self taught artist said...

thanks karen
this one doesn't look as good in the photo as real life, but i'm really happy with it. glad you like too...it is hopeful as gigi said.

BlueJude said...

LOVE this one! The circles ARE great! Happy Weekend STA!

Clare said...

Beautiful clock -- and I got a big smile of happiness when you wrote about circles that "they make me hum and buzz and somehow right me." Fantastic!