driving driving driving

I'm still having postcards printed up via Vista Prints online. Above you can see I have two more sets in the queue. Why not, every time you order these you get blasted with free this and free that. Okay you end up paying for postage, I always choose the slowest and still get them in less than a week, and I've noticed now they are charging for uploads of backside images or text, perhaps that is just for people that have been repeatedly ordering the freebies. Ultimately it feels worth it to get this collection printed out on something to give to people so they have a sense of the variety of clocks available in this Limited Edition. I'm sure I'm boring everyone with this but it appears to be the only thing I've got going on with art right now.

Lots of taxi driving this week so not even dreaming of making art. This weekend is another Holiday excuse to get drunk so I'm sure if I feel up to it I will be working another 16 hours on sat. 'Going fishing' as it is referred to. Sitting outside of the one bar in Stowe that everyone goes to and waiting to take people home. I'm starting to enjoy it and even prefer it over the long tedious drive to the airport with business men doing conference calls and finger flicking phone or computer keypads. I find that maddening and suffocating. Such a sense of importance I can barely stand it. Needless to say few of them ever acknowledge my existence. Not all, but most. That is when I feel like a complete zero. A total loser. A stupid nimrod who is inferior and worthless. And yet, I would rather die than wear a suit and tie and work in an office.


Steve Kane said...

I work in an office. My ambition is to not work in an office.

Maybe I should become a fruit picker.

Gotta' love that totally unjustified sense of importance business folk have; it's very similar to the delusions of self-entitlement of many of the office administrators who work at Oxford University. They seem to think that they are terribly clever and important simply by virtue of working for one of the most prestigious universities in the world when, in fact, they can't find their own arses with both hands and a map.

self taught artist said...

fruit picker
such visions

Kim Hambric said...

Those clocks look so wonderful all together on those postcards. It looks like they are at an incredible party.

Drive drive drive. Earn earn earn.

Don't you especially love those self-important idiots with the bitty phones clipped to their ears. Then, when they talk, and you think they are talking to you, they give you that look. The looks that says "why would I even talk to someone like you?"

I'm so glad that they would not talk to someone like me.


Push those great postcards!!!

BlueJude said...

I don't think a suit and tie would become you. And your clocks are ALWAYS intriguing to me. Was raving about them yesterday to the hub. Happy Friday Nimrod! lol

BlueJude said...

You're really not a nimrod...but you know that. The clocks could almost stand out as a print all by themselves.

self taught artist said...

thanks kim...love the cheerleading!!!
bluejude, i love that you love those clocks so much too..nimrod