Late "06 when I started making my clocks I also started emailing and contacting local designers/stores etc. and even got an appt. with a rather impressive design company in Burlington. I ordered a portfolio folder thingie, had a few photos printed and pretended I was savvy. Nothing came of it though, they held on to my work for way longer than I would have liked and ended with 'we haven't even begun to design the hotels and we will keep you in mind'.

I've not used that little portfolio folder since. I've never bothered to have any prints made of my work. My website has always served as the portfolio. I think of portfolios for me as something akin to slides. Outdated and superfluous.

I'm sure you can understand, knowing how I am loathe to continue the out of state gallery representation game, how un-enthused and unmotivated I am to bother with the time and expense of getting decent prints to stuff into a portfolio. Do I need one? If I'm watching my cash out do I really need to be doing this now? Am I supposed to have just one portfolio folder that some day I might have an opportunity to show...isn't it easier to go online and see every single thing I have ever made with a multitude of close up and side views not to mention sizes, prices, and detailed information about each piece?

I just realized that vista prints (see below) also has great prices on brochures. I think I might have more zest and zeal handing some of those out than I would lugging a portfolio around. Has anyone ever made brochures and had success?

*I think I just answered my own question. Today I got my other post cards (the clocks below) in the mail and they made me SO excited and happy! I can't wait to hand them out. THAT is how I should feel about everything I do when it comes to self marketing. It's much more fun than bringing some dinosaur with me and opening it up showing glossy photos. FUN. That is what it is what I need to feel in order to be inspired and alive. FUN. Who cares if I'm not taken seriously by some people in the art world if I don't have the proper accoutrements. It hasn't worked doing it their way thats for sure.


Kim Hambric said...

Those postcards look great. Very professional!

Part of this art thing has to be fun and inspirational. Its not going to be that way every day or every week. But its got to be there. Maybe on those "down" days, you could come up with some interesting art exercises while in between those taxi drives. Fun exercises. Sketches of your worst customers on the backs of other people's business cards.

Daphne said...

Kim's ideas are great!

I used a portfolio exactly like that when I was applying for interior design jobs and when I was applying for film work.

Both of those eras are long past for me though. I feel that at this point that work on disk or online are probably the preferred method.

The funny thing is I still pull out my portfolio for the occasional art workshop...

BlueJude said...

I use to have to lug one of those portfolios everyday to school when I went to the HS of Art & Design. Now I just use 'em to hold some of my stuff. And yes, FUN is where it's at babe when it comes to marketing. And FUN can be contagious when promoting yourself, so keep the spirit alive. Happy Tuesday!

self taught artist said...

glad it is contagious to someone :)
its better than complaining, which I need to stop doing.

Evenspor said...

Ever think about doing a CD portfolio?

self taught artist said...

evenspor, yep...done it just never
found galleries outside of vt to send them to. i'm not into wasting resources (cd's, postage) and not going to blindly send stuff when i've heard too many galleries say they NEVER open stuff like that from 'nobodies'. great thought tho, thanks for adding it!