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another lesson

no one told me. this is why you aren't supposed to cut metal with a mitre saw. my little dust blowing bag caught on fire when i was cutting pipes. i went to home depot to buy another bag and the guy made a horrible face when i told him why. (they don't have bags btw). he informed me i need a metal chop saw. he said i will ruin the motor of my mitre saw as all that metal shrapnel that i see flying all over the place is going right into the motor. a chop saw motor is encased and protected from such debris. at this point i have cut enough metal with this saw that i guess it is a lost cause, already i have noticed so much grit gets into it that i can barely use the gauges to turn it at angles. just another thing to learn. another thing to buy. another 20 or 30 taxi rides away.

your attention please:

Do try to be considerate of the taxi drivers. If you happen to use a cab, don't sit next to or behind the driver and talk on your fu@#*!@ cell phone for more than 2 minutes. Especially do not talk on your F#$@!%# cell for more than 25 miles. And especially do not talk loudly and repeat the same damn thing over and over. Think about it. Your life is in their(my) hands.

more circles please

Human Chronometer #62/100
Last Fall I took part in a First Friday Art Walk in Burlington. My work was there for a month. The day I had to go take my work down I was walking to my car and saw a grease trap sitting on the sidewalk against a building. It was filthy and gross but I had to have it. Today I spent the morning bending the trap flat and cutting and grinding this piece, when I finally got it together and hung it up I became one with it. I don't know what it is exactly about circles, but they do something to my brain. They send me in a delirium. They rotate my thoughts and leave me speechless. They make me hum and buzz and somehow right me. I just noticed that my photographs are IN circles and my RR plates have circles in them. I like that too. Ying and Yang.


Phylogenesis, 2008 Mixed Media Assemblage

partial photo detail
Well you guys are it. You are the only people who get to see the new art, this is my moment of ahhhhh. I've finally finished this piece that I've been working on since December. As always, it looks relatively simple but also as always after I have designed the piece it is the measuring, deducing, cutting, and mounting that turns me into a turtle. I balked at this too since I was using a different mounting system and dreaded ruining it. Alas, it is done. I wish I could just zoom it off into my own gallery like San does (I hope you know how lucky you are woman!), oh how nice to just put art out there immediately for sale. One day.......
Talents are better nurtured in solitude, but character is best formed in the stormy billow of the world.
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

tell me something good

I'm beginning to think that it is RELATIONSHIPS that is the key to just about everything. It is who you know, who knows you and how you treat each other that determines what the ride in your life is going to be like, and yes your relationship with yourself, but for all intent purposes this is about others. Perhaps this is obvious to you already, perhaps I have known this but never truly acknowledged it or was conscious enough to feel it. But I get it now. Or at least I am getting it.

Realizing that I could drive a cab until the cows come home and I would still not have enough money to get back into a full time art lifestyle in the next decade, I am trying to focus on how else I can get leverage. It comes down to people. And it makes sense. It is you guys after all that have been my support group as an artist, rarely if ever a customer (although you blogger people who have bought work have been wonderful). I get great feedback, comments, emails, and the occasional snail mail surpris…

driving driving driving

I'm still having postcards printed up via Vista Prints online. Above you can see I have two more sets in the queue. Why not, every time you order these you get blasted with free this and free that. Okay you end up paying for postage, I always choose the slowest and still get them in less than a week, and I've noticed now they are charging for uploads of backside images or text, perhaps that is just for people that have been repeatedly ordering the freebies. Ultimately it feels worth it to get this collection printed out on something to give to people so they have a sense of the variety of clocks available in this Limited Edition. I'm sure I'm boring everyone with this but it appears to be the only thing I've got going on with art right now.

Lots of taxi driving this week so not even dreaming of making art. This weekend is another Holiday excuse to get drunk so I'm sure if I feel up to it I will be working another 16 hours on sat. 'Going fishing' as it i…

Binge Driving

Last night I did another binge drive. Last week was the first week that I've managed to make art since driving the cab three months ago as I only worked about 1.5 days instead of the usual 6-7. Work is dying. Snow dwindling. Tourists fading. Then we get hit with calls. Bostonians appear to be here for some freakish last hooray of skiing? Some Academy graduation? Stowe was inundated with humans and since my week was null cash wise I dove in. Another 16+ hrs minus a few down times.

I have to say, if Boston is anything like the people I've driven I should high tail it there when I can and get my art someplace. If I were a young woman Boston would have me seduced 100%. I guess the wee Irish in me can't resist those dark mops and blue eyes. The accent doesn't hurt either. I've heard Boston is filled with angry Irishmen but last night I had taxi-van load after taxi-van load of polite, intelligent men albeit soused. Oh and I got the best tips of my short taxi driving life…

Slice of Time Two, #60

Slice of Time Two #60/100 2008 Okay, some of my clocks thrill me and some of them I'm just really happy with. This one thrills me. While most of my clocks are stark and contrasty as far as seeing the time from a distance, not all of them are and that is fine by me. On a gray day such as today, this isn't going to pop out at you but the crypticness of the tiny writing and the roughness of the used blade (courtesy of my constant using this last year) will pull you in and make you think you are seeing something incredibly important. The mimicking of the silver stamping causes an internal pounding of pleasant repetition. While not as visible in the photographs, the hands have been sanded and sliced with a rough sandpaper, creating the appearance of having been put through their own power tool experience. This is a piece of time ladies and gentlemen. A hologram of art hovers as I have used that blade many many times on a plethora of pieces of steel which are now embedded in other cloc…

Late "06 when I started making my clocks I also started emailing and contacting local designers/stores etc. and even got an appt. with a rather impressive design company in Burlington. I ordered a portfolio folder thingie, had a few photos printed and pretended I was savvy. Nothing came of it though, they held on to my work for way longer than I would have liked and ended with 'we haven't even begun to design the hotels and we will keep you in mind'.

I've not used that little portfolio folder since. I've never bothered to have any prints made of my work. My website has always served as the portfolio. I think of portfolios for me as something akin to slides. Outdated and superfluous.

I'm sure you can understand, knowing how I am loathe to continue the out of state gallery representation game, how un-enthused and unmotivated I am to bother with the time and expense of getting decent prints to stuff into a portfolio. Do I need one? If I'm watchi…

open to suggestions

Last week I finally wrote up the backsides for the Vista Postcards I had printed for my taxi/marketing embarkment. I have to say, other than the colour not quite matching what I thought it would (which is no surprise given monitor settings and unknown printers printing from elsewhere) I am very happy with how the first batch looks. I've yet to receive the clock postcards, but hey I chose the slowest shipping (21 days) and ended up getting batch #1 in three days.

My biggest challenge now is distributing them to the taxi fares in ways that don't make me repeat myself over and over. I have a very low tolerance for monotony. If I have to hear myself say the same thing over and over for too long I will go to a seamstress and have a zipper sewn over my mouth. I've put the cards on the console on the floor between myself and any front seat passenger. I mention I am an artist, they say what kind and I try to casually pluck a card and pass it to them (feels a little wrong and calcul…