taxi 0 art 3

I was on call all day yesterday and grossed $7.20. The french don't tip, someone suggested I put a sign up: S.N.C. (service non compris), even that seems tacky for this little taxi company. Even with a tip I would have made zip.

Then I found out that last saturday's BINGE driving of 17 hrs turned into a loss. Somehow or another I shorted the pay envelop $100. So in my mind I made nothing for all that work. I made nothing when I thought I made something based on how little it was.

A few days ago I got an inquiry about three of my favorite clocks and today a confirmation that they will buy them. I always find it surprising when a complete stranger emails about art and says the bare minimum. It is always a little disconcerting but so far has always panned out with no repercussions. It is a ray of sunshine in my dark week!

I also got an email from a blog reader who suggested a site for me to look at and to think about making jewelry or smaller works with scrap. More easily shipped overseas and perhaps more sellable to general public. I have thought about that but what has kept me from pursuing that further is the learning curve and expense of new supplies. I know if money were no object I would have gone down that road by now, hopefully I will have the time/$$ to explore that in the future. Right now I don't have the creative mind to make a 1" piece of art. I am wiped out mentally and physically. It hit me yesterday like a ton of bricks. I'm not twenty and staying out all night driving last weekend is still wreaking havoc with my bio rhythms.

It is interesting from an objective point of view where I am at...there must be something to gain from all of this taxi business since it obviously isn't bucketloads of bucks. I have completely cut the cord with making art so as to stop feeling the onus of being productive and creative. I can only assume this break is useful in some unknown way. I wonder of other artists who had to step back and withdraw from being in the gallery just when they felt they were finally getting established and moving towards something. Did they feel they too would be forgotten...would the wall real estate in the gallery get gobbled up by other artists? Would their work fade and creativity find someone else to visit? Is an absense okay for 6 months? For a year? When do I say enough and go back to art as my primary way of making income? Will it really ever be the primary way I make it? Lets hope so!


Daphne said...

Jewelry is an excellent idea. And physically far less challenging.

Have you ever made jewelry before? I have a bit and it is like any other art, but on a smaller scale. I can imagine bracelets and necklaces similar to your clocks.

Also, most people find it easy to spend money on jewelry. Somehow spending money on small things even if they cost the same as your clocks seems to be perceived differently...

BlueJude said...

There are pleanty of artists in the history of art who HAVE been temporarily absent from creating. I am SO GLAD these clocks sold as they are fabulous. I was showing some of your work to my daughter as you are REALLY talented. Glad it brought you a ray of sunshine, in the grey bleakness of Stowe. YOU MOST DEFINATELY will create again! I feel it in me bones...so hang in there and keep the hope and faith. Happy Valentines Day!

self taught artist said...

daphne...nope haven't made jewelry
always daunted by learning how to tie off the ends of those wires.

thank you bluejude HVD do you too!

sarala said...

Those are three great clocks. I hope the buyer just loves them.
Jewelry sounds like a great idea. I've always thought you need to make something for cheap people (like me) to buy. I'm already thinking of the potential with small scrap!
Stay warm.