17 hours and back for more

I have this problem...whatever I do I do as best I can and as much as I can. It happened yesterday with the cab driving, which is why I guess I'm fearful about losing my art mojo forever. I swear to god, I'm not exaggerating, I drove for 17 hours yesterday. I started at 10:15 am and drove until 3:30 AM. The above little map is just half a long drive in the boonies I also did last night, my first real off the grid drive to pick up couple one on the left part going to couple two and then another leg just as far, just as much in the boonies. Drop them off and turn around three hours later and return everyone in what turned into a blizzard whereby I couldn't see three feet in front of me after dropping the last people off. I even lived through the mortification of knowing that there were three sets of people at this party that had all bought my art and didn't know me. I was driving a pair of them and when they found out next thing I know they are asking me to dog sit. I must still have an ego, because I felt like a loser.

I was obsessed. I couldn't stop. Lots of conventions in town and all you had to do was drive in front of a resort and literally, like ants pouring out of the hole hoards of people were jumping in to go 3 miles down the street to the bar. It was like that all night. I dared myself to do the late night bar thing. That was my big fear (other than driving in the snow in the boonies at night), picking up drunk people and having no idea where I would be driving. I did end up driving in circles at times but I was blessed with mellow happy drunk people.

for my 17 hours, before taxes on the books I made $93. i made just under $100 in tips. came home, took a bath, went to bed at 4:30 am and got up at 9am to get ready for more today. i am now in stupor. obsesssed with driving and making every damn penny i can. turning off that voice that says sell a piece of art and make more in one day than two weeks of driving. who cares. i've broken and punctured the fibrous tissues of something and there is no turning back. anyone need a ride? i'll come get you right now!!!!!!!!


KJ said...

Yeaaa!!! Now let me tell you a few carpool stories from the days when I'd rather have been painting... or on second thought... well, just this one: did you know that 6 (loud) teen age swimmers fresh from the pool will totally fog up a cold van in the exact time it takes to hit drive time traffic on a beltway... at night? And I lived to tell about it. Good to see you a bit more upbeat and socking away some cash.

self taught artist said...

yes....i now know a van load of 6 people with alcohol fumes coming out of their mouthes totally fog up all the windows :) in seconds flat.

guess you have been there and done that all in your own way. good to know we all would rather be making art when we are not. i will try to remember i'm not alone.

Clare said...

Wow, you do a ton of driving!! I grow weary-eyed after 6 hours of continuous driving. And I read about your drives in the snow storms in the above posts -- scary with all the snow and ice. Take care.