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taxi gives birth to marketing

For those of you who have been reading my blog (which recently turned one year old), you know that I have been stymied by marketing options, dealing with panic attacks, and figuring out how else to make money without sacrificing time to create art.

To sum up the last year:

I finally ran out of money and swallowed reality in one big gulp. Pushed through the panic and started working out there in the real world as a cab driver. (ladies, need to lose an extra ten pounds? go drive a cab....) (people with panic, ready to break out of that mental prison? go drive a cab and be trapped with people, you either sink or swim) (artists, need some extra cash but don't want to be trapped in a building, go drive a cab and tell everyone you drive you are an artist and point out the galleries you are in as you whiz by).

So. I call this post taxi gives birth to marketing because a
few of you have had suggestions for how I can integrate my art being with my job (thank you for planting seeds into my bra…

taxi 0 art 3

I was on call all day yesterday and grossed $7.20. The french don't tip, someone suggested I put a sign up: S.N.C. (service non compris), even that seems tacky for this little taxi company. Even with a tip I would have made zip.

Then I found out that last saturday's BINGE driving of 17 hrs turned into a loss. Somehow or another I shorted the pay envelop $100. So in my mind I made nothing for all that work. I made nothing when I thought I made something based on how little it was.

A few days ago I got an inquiry about three of my favorite clocks and today a confirmation that they will buy them. I always find it surprising when a complete stranger emails about art and says the bare minimum. It is always a little disconcerting but so far has always panned out with no repercussions. It is a ray of sunshine in my dark week!

I also got an email from a blog reader who suggested a site for me to look at and to think about making jewelry or smaller works with scrap. More easily shipped ov…

on the mountain

Yesterday I had to drive up the mountain to pick up an injured skier. Just as I pulled out of the drive to get back on the mountain a storm came from nowhere. The three of us in the taxi all exclaimed as we realized the visibility went from patchy to nada. The top of the mountain is closed in winter so there is only one way up and down, a fairly short 7 or so miles on a good day. As I slowly inched my way down it was obvious the people coming up were in trouble. Four cars, one after the other were skidding up and off the road. It was a disaster waiting to happen. I winced as I knew I had to come right back up to pick up an airport run.

Turns out, as you may or may not see from the camera phone photo, things came to a stop on my way back up. I was about 4th in line from the front of an hour long wait halfway up the mountain, cars behind me probably lined the entire way back to town. Seems a car was on fire as well as another accident just after the upcoming curve in the road. It was win…

17 hours and back for more

I have this problem...whatever I do I do as best I can and as much as I can. It happened yesterday with the cab driving, which is why I guess I'm fearful about losing my art mojo forever. I swear to god, I'm not exaggerating, I drove for 17 hours yesterday. I started at 10:15 am and drove until 3:30 AM. The above little map is just half a long drive in the boonies I also did last night, my first real off the grid drive to pick up couple one on the left part going to couple two and then another leg just as far, just as much in the boonies. Drop them off and turn around three hours later and return everyone in what turned into a blizzard whereby I couldn't see three feet in front of me after dropping the last people off. I even lived through the mortification of knowing that there were three sets of people at this party that had all bought my art and didn't know me. I was driving a pair of them and when they found out next thing I know they are asking me to dog sit. I m…

art (0) taxi (5)

I'd be a big fat liar if I said I didn't miss making art. I'd be a bigger liar if I said I wasn't benefiting in ways previously unknown and unimagined by taking on this taxi job. I try to tell every single passenger that I am an artist. I even hand some my card. It is important for me to keep that part of me as alive as I can even if there is no energy happening in that realm. In the meantime I am interacting with people, one on one...learning more about myself and others in ways I wouldn't otherwise. People are generally nice and capable of having a conversation with substance given the chance. Not everyone sitting in the cab wants to talk, let alone about art or life, but the ones who do make it worth my while. It is difficult to imagine this leading me to anything other than a slight financial gain, I'd much rather sell a piece of art than sit behind the wheel all day and make peanuts. At least I'm out there, freer than I would be locked up in an office …

Inspiration despite myself and then some

Just because right now I'm a working stiff and have lost all momentum with creating art doesn't mean I'm not looking around and noticing everything I can. Yesterday I had an hour break between taxi rides and watched the last half of Charlie Rose. His guest, the maddeningly proliferate Julian Schnabel was talking about his latest film and exhibition. I had noticed last month as I perused Sperone Westwaters site his Navigation Drawings were making the rounds. I found these curious and had an almost violent internal reaction to them when I first saw them. I'd never heard of Julian, and when I saw him on Charlie Rose I had no idea who he was. It wasn't until they started showing those drawings that I put two and two together.

I'm going to have to say his work, like Richard Tuttle, initially hit me the wrong way (I can remember emailing tod the link to the above map drawings and spewing venom). But like Richard Tuttle, the more I look at it and listen to him I reali…