peaceful warrior

(click title to go to link) movie on cable i started watching last night and had to tape when i dashed off to work during it. i watched the rest of it today. while i was driving and panicking today ( i had to go much farther than normal and got antsy and freaky while driving in silence with strangers) i actually recounted things from this movie. i'm currently reading a book about being in the moment called : the mindful way through depression, freeing yourself from chronic unhappiness.

been there done that how many times? the whole zen be here now thing. well i guess it needs to be cumulative for me to 'get it'. what i really liked about the movie was that it is based on a real story and this person didn't get everything handed to him. his dream wasn't attained overnight and he realized through his journey that regardless it IS the journey. not the dream. it IS the doing. not the having. maybe i'm pmsy and just open to silliness but the movie got to me. hence, a recommendation.


Bob Johnson said...

Looks like a good movie, I love the Socrates quotes on the bottom of the Movie Wikipedia description, especially the one about change.

BlueJude said...

Yeah yeah be in the moment. My moments, make up days, that are a never ending emotional rollercoaster. Today I'm on the low funky side of the ride. Anyhoo, be proud of yourself for stretching your limits. I award you with a cabbie crown and the badge of courage! Happy Monday STA.

San said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Paula. One for the netflix queue.

As to the doing vs having: A few years ago I read a book about meditation. The author said that no matter what we already have, we are almost irresistibly tempted to feel that once we get something else, then we'll relax and be happy. He used more obvious examples such as vacation homes or soul mates. Here you are, somewhat happy to have that grocery money after all. Counting the blessings. Open to silliness.

You glow, girl!

The Lovin Cup Coffee Blog said...

hey paula
catching up. yahoo. wanted to mention that it's a book, too... there's some real good stuff in the book that got overlooked for movie's sake. there's also a sequel to the book. dan millman is author. you sound good. i'm glad to be reading.

self taught artist said...

thanks meg, i'll be checking with the library for his books!
glad to have you back...stay in touch.

Tori said...

I am going to watch it too!

I am glad to see that you are writing again. I missed you.