I love that there are zillions of people out there with blogs and websites that are all about their passion. Last week when Roadside Scholar did a post on my work and blog, through some emails with her I was introduced to two more kick ass sites and one kick ass artist. One of which Roadside Scholar posted one of my works to is NOTCOT, another which is the one that I look at everyday and just salivate while my mind tries to process all the things I am seeing is TasteSpotting. I have never felt so inspired by looking at food in all my life. It is just beautiful to look at! And the kick ass artist is Catherine Chandler. She makes jewelry that even I (non jewelry wearer that I am) am drawn to.


gigi_leonard said...

glad to hear there is some good old fashioned mind blowing and ass kicking going on around here. it makes the world a lovelier place, don't you think? :D

Catherine Chandler said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful words!!! I also love NOTCOT and Tastespotting(YUM)!!! I'm glad to know that we both love each other's work :)