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hitting the pause button

I can remember when I left Arizona, after my stint working at Yellowstone, I spent a night at a truck stop in a shitty little dangerous feeling town in Wyoming. It was freezing out and I waited too long to find a place to camp, I was tired and decided to just sleep a night in my car. I managed to push most of the stuff that was in the backseat into the front, draped blankets around the windows and slept in my tiny car. But before I was to get myself situated for the night I noticed a truck next to me with a stunningly attractive woman, long blonde hair down to her ass, going into the back of her toyota and appearing to be hunkering down for the night as well.

Lila. She was about eight years younger than I was, a massage therapist AND an artist from upstate New York. Sleeping in her truck, camping, travelling all over the world....none of it was new to her. In fact it had been her life since she was a teenager. She too had panic stuff to deal with and while it was too cold to chat that …

it isn't about the rejection as much as...

I've been ignored and rejected plenty of times in life. And my art has too. The letter in the previous post upset me mostly because of the succinct curt reply. They say to never listen to the good that someone says about you, because if you are going to do that, then you must also listen to the bad. When the woman who bought my art, who is a very successful artist herself...showing in plenty of places outside of Vermont, told me that my art had that 'thing' and I was going to make it I listened more because of her history and experience. When I was then told to contact a personal friend of hers who had a gallery and that they often showed works of her friends, I thought I had a better chance than had I been a complete stranger. There are no 'big' names at this gallery that I can tell so I thought I had an even better shot.

The form letter below was an insult. To be told that my work wont fit in with the direction of the gallery is not something that elicits understa…

art, hooo, a what is it good for, absolutely nuthin

Dear Paula
Thank you for thinking of _____ Gallery. We did review your work online and don't feel that the work will fit with the direction of the gallery.
Best of luck in your future endeavors.
_______ ______

So much for word of mouth from someone who thought for sure my work would fit into this gallery in Boston, granted it appears to be mostly paintings and a few strange sculptures, I had hopes about the puzzle works at least. Not what I was hoping for since this woman who referred me is close friends with the gallery owner and an artist herself.

I can't make squat right now anyhow. Can barely handle driving a stupid cab 1/4 of a mi....I dont seem to be good for much right now.

great art?

Saw this article today and had to post it. I have to say this picture to the right is interesting as well as the other paintings this person did...and then you find out a two year old did it and that his mother posted his work at Charles Saatchi's online gallery and he had big offers coming in.

It would be redundant if I said anything about this, because everyone else is already saying and thinking it. Isn't this something many artists have had to push out to their peripherals? I know I have. I think the biggest change in me lately is being okay with whatever anyone else wants to do. How does it serve me to critique anothers' work? It is useful only if I say to myself hell if THEY can sell something like that than by God I can make it too! That's the best way I deal with art that regardless of who made it and if I like it, strikes me as too this or too that. Were I able to remove myself from the work I have made what would I think? It is impossible to know and not some…


I love that there are zillions of people out there with blogs and websites that are all about their passion. Last week when Roadside Scholar did a post on my work and blog, through some emails with her I was introduced to two more kick ass sites and one kick ass artist. One of which Roadside Scholar posted one of my works to is NOTCOT, another which is the one that I look at everyday and just salivate while my mind tries to process all the things I am seeing is TasteSpotting. I have never felt so inspired by looking at food in all my life. It is just beautiful to look at! And the kick ass artist is Catherine Chandler. She makes jewelry that even I (non jewelry wearer that I am) am drawn to.

Raspberry Swirl #59/100

Raspberry Swirl #59/100


Escape #1/1 Approx. 24" diameter
Things have mellowed out, at least on my end. Only drove that one time this week and until I'm needed for computer input I have time to work on art. I've been working on this piece for most of two weeks, half of that time was spent figuring out what to combine with the photograph for a whole piece. I usually mount these round pieces with one solid object on the back, this time I wanted the pipes above and below the photograph to be uneven so it involved many more calculations and cuttings....those of you who know me know I am 'challenged' when it comes to this stuff. I took my time and liken it to a recipe that needs time to bake in the oven. I do a little and leave it be, let my mind think about what I'm really trying to do or want to do and go back in when I'm feeling confident. Got a chance to use my mitre saw and brain all in one.

Working on a diptych with two of my Pen & Ink drawings, I'm really glad I decided to …

art and taxi's

Things have been crazy busy in my little world. Tod, my room mate has been working like a fiend at the taxi place. Huge transitions have been hovering and are now descending upon our lives. He went from not working to practically taking over a small company! I think I lost my art buddy, my scrap hound and my photo tag-a-longer. I lost the go to gallery openings with me friend. I think back to when I moved in with him three years ago, I had yet to make anything more than a few mixed media rr plates in my studio apartment and when I moved in to this large home that we both care take for, I had a huge basement to work and store things in and we soon filled it up with scrap and just recently with tools and a growing collection of my work.

He wasn't working at the time, we don't get paid to care take since we get to live here for free, and last spring the funds and credit cards were tapped out and it was time for him to get a job. I think back on all the fun trips we took and how I …

blog article

I can't speak for anyone else, but I do know that writing a personal blog isn't always comfortable. There are plenty of days I want to delete it all, days I feel vulnerable and like I have written a bunch of crap that no one wants to read. Comments from readers are usually the thing that keeps me from pressing the delete button. I wouldn't take the time to do this if no one read it ya know? I've done journals before, this isn't that.

So when I get comments I know I'm not just writing for the cosmos. I forget I have 'lurkers'. People who read my blog but rarely if ever comment. I'm a lurker myself on many blogs, I can't say why I don't comment, but I am glad everyday when I have a chance to go to those blogs and catch up on their doings.

Having said that, I was recently contacted by Gigi of the roadside scholar blog. She has left a few comments here and there but I had no idea she had a blog since her name wasn't linked to her blog on the c…

Spot the Library

This is one of the rare few time's I'm posting something I saw somewhere else. While this is only a temporary set up while construction is being done (in Kansas), when I saw this it blew my mind. Just FUN!!!!!! (click title for link)


God help me I'm think I'm going to try this again. Some of you will recall that this summer I worked one day as a taxi driver. My seemingly poor night vision (age) and panic attacks (stress and hormones) aren't really pluses when it comes to dealing with the public, let alone driving them around to places I don't even know where they are at, but things have changed where Tod works and they need help and I'm making myself sick about money. I keep saying I'm going to keep living on the credit cards for another year, but when I wake up in the middle of the night sweating and sick about my life I realize I may not be able to ignore this in my daytime hours like I had hoped. I'm trying not to complain about money as this is a choice this art thing (even if it doesn't feel like a choice). All I know is I am miserable when I can't make art. And being busy with anything else usually zaps all creativity. Just getting ready for last nights' show took mos…