what was I thinking?

Triangular Chunk w/ new color of hands

Last week I finished this clock. Or I thought I had. After I make work I always hang it up in my living space and look at it day in and day out. It has to pass the livability test. The faded lavender colored hands didn't work. So today I mixed a nice yellow up to match the piece and wahla, I am content now.

old hands


Tori said...

I really really like this clock.
Hope all is well.


Nellie's Needles said...

Amazing that what seems to be a minor change can make a major impact. When I first saw this clock it didn't excite me. Now, it's POW!

Clare said...

I love the yellow hands! The lavender ones were pretty, but the yellow ones really pop and look happy too! Beautiful clock -- and I love the details in the squares on the corners too.

sarala said...

You are right. The yellow is better!