RR Scale stuff

You wouldn't know it, but I have completely wrecked my arm and back cleaning and moving the above items. Finally most of it has been cleaned and stored down in the boiler room to give them a good drying out. I spent all of yesterday and a good chunk of today scrubbing with a toothbrush the crevices and corners, washing over and over until glistening wood appeared under layers of grime. They were covered in filth. It seemed quite toxic, smelled like cat urine and odd chemical smells. There was mold and grease and bucket after bucket of black water. Some of the pieces I had to throw out, the mold was too bad and wouldn't come off. What a shame really as they are beautiful...the wood is unlike anything I have ever seen. These are the patterns/forms from the building Tod and I went to last week. I had never heard of patterns before coming to Vermont. My first summer here I found some at a garage sale, big round ones that were used in an old saw mill. The above pieces are all having to do with fabricating RR Scales. It is unimaginable how this is done using these pieces, it boggles my mind what man comes up with.


Daphne said...

The third photo shows so many beautiful things. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

JAXTER said...

those are some really beautiful objects... thanks for cleaning them up and showing them off. I love the old parts and pieces that turn up over time - especially when you get to go into old buildings, lucky you! - there is something about their construction and the obvious time, thought and care that the designer put into creating them that appears, to me, to be lacking in most of today's design.

sarala said...

The stuff is lovely. I still can't even picture what was originally done with it all. I'm sure you'll turn it into something fabulous.