A Redo Done



Rings & Panels,2007

While I liked the BEFORE as did other people, it was time to redo it into a more substantial piece. I like it much better now. This is the piece that today I might have actually left a speck of blood should a CSI detective search for my DNA on the back of this piece. It was a tough day for such a simple looking piece. I should say 'austere'. The 'canvas' is an industrial shelf, the three rings are from that lot of RR Scale stuff I got. They are lightweight wood, beautiful beyond belief in shape and color. Price has yet to be determined.

*as usual the photo of this piece sucks because the lighting is on the ceiling and in a small hallway. I've included a photo of the photo if you click the photo.


Daphne said...

THAT is absolutely lovely. Really it is complete. The complementary colours are great. I love blue and orange together. And how perfect is it to have a photo of rectilinear colour blocking and then wooden? circles below.

It's one of my favorite pieces Paula.

self taught artist said...

whoo hoo
thanks daphne!

Nellie's Needles said...

Your first version is appealing. However, your reworked piece is fantastic.

I couldn't get your photos to enlarge. Is the problem Blogger or mine?

kate said...

These are really lovely pieces. I like the rings ... you find the coolest stuff!

self taught artist said...

nellie, it should enlarge, it does for me. actually it takes you to my web page and from there each photo is enlargable

San said...


Dynamic interplay of texture, color, form, and concept--stunning!

Yes, in my book the fact that dinosaur eggs rested on that very shelf ratchets the value up several notches. Not to mention the presence of your very own DNA!

Beautiful, palpable proof of the axiom: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.