more art make overs

the new and improved:

before (the lighting is horrid and makes it more green/yellow)

I've been on an art make over kick the last few months. To my embarrassment the photos, even the 'new and improved' ones aren't so great. It's that darn little hallway with the overhead light that while it makes for great shadowing on my work it also can make things look bad. I have no where else in our apartment to hang work since the walls are thin and cheap and only in the hallway have we a hook on the wall studs.

Yesterday I took these in for tomorrow's show, and while the owner picked the 'girl' via looking at my website, in person even though she thought the actual puzzle sculpture was absolutely amazing, it didn't sit well with her that the background was so bland. I've thought this myself and had been putting off doing anything about it until yesterday. I decided it was time to give these pieces life and color! These were made the summer of 06, I had just began making
puzzle masks and was still so unsure of what I was doing and how I was going to do it that I chose these old industrial shelves for the backdrop. I was also relatively new to my mixed media works and still in love with the rawness of scrap metal. It was more primitive feeling and I didn't want to cover everything up, I needed to see everything and experience it without too much color or paint.

I am very happy with how it turned out and so was the gallery owner, she took them both and they will be on view for tomorrow's opening. And while I still really liked them before, I can see that they are much more saleable and more alive now that they have a beautiful background to accentuate the sculpture. I keep looking at my older works with a sharp eye, if it isn't as good as I think it can be it will be changed soon. Might have one more to work on before starting on some of my pen and inks that I am ready to work on.


Nellie's Needles said...

Those two pieces looked good before, but now they "sing". I'm sending good thoughts about the opening show ... that your art will end up under many Christmas trees if not directly on peoples walls.

self taught artist said...

thanks nellie, i like it when it sings! appreciate the good thoughts for the opening!