Day One

Yesterday I woke up and decided okay DO something, yet again, here we go once again, maybe this time it will be different..... I realized I am not scared ~ I just dread it. I can't even pinpoint it. It seems laborious and I have to spend days and days sitting in front of the computer looking at places, emailing them and IF I hear from them it's usually the same. Many places now have submission info on their website that say we are currently not taking submissions. While I can put myself in a galleries' position for a moment and think about how annoying it must be to have throngs of artists pushing shit at them all day, I also wonder if you don't have word of mouth how anyone manages?

I spent longer than you would even believe on an east hampton art walk site, signed up and realized they didn't specify a certain box, they had me filling out min and max piece sizes and then a box under that said average....did I miss average COST? All I know is when my info got submitted I see: Average Cost: 17 - 35 It took another two hours before I was able to change it.

Tod has been auto didactically absorbing art. Everything to do with it and we both seem to agree that sending cd's out is like tossing a crumb into the ocean. I know someone who once worked in a prominent NY Gallery, she told me flat out they used to roll their eyes or laugh at artists who would come in with work to show them. Call most galleries just to ask about submissions and you feel like you just hit a wall. They don't want to be bothered. Word of mouth. They had to have seen the artist somewhere or known someone. It feels like chasing your own tail, and the same thing happens to me each time: I just want to stop and go back to making art.

Shouldn't this NOT be so unpleasant? How are you supposed to get yourself motivated to do this when it feels so egregious? I don't want to just complain but there is this nagging feeling that there has to be a better/different way. I need an art dowser. I need a Gordon Ramsay. I need to inject B12 into my brain and Donny Deutsch myself. I need a morsel of hope. So yeah, I will plug along and keep looking and trying, I have no choice. I would ask that anyone who reads this keep me in mind. I'm really not here to entertain people, I don't thoughtlessly post my art just for the hell of it. Sometimes it feels very vulnerable and exposing just to put art up, and not because of any fear of judgement. It just feels like why do it? 9.75 of the people who see this aren't looking to buy it so why do they look? Alright, I'm getting overwhelmed again. I am obviously not feeling strong right now. Who wants to read someone complaining anyhow. I need to figure out a way to embrace something that to me smells foul.

PS Are you sensing rancour? Please know I am so pissed at myself right now I can't stand myself.


Daphne said...

Seriously? Gordon Ramsay? I've watched him. I would totally shut down if I had him "hell"ping me...

The response wasn't personal at least.

Yes, it's time for someone in the blogosphere to suggest a gallery or two that would work with your art. And a recommendation would be amazing.

I can't help in that way, but I hope that someone else can.

HOWEVER, I still feel like you need to push your information packages out into the world and get exposure in that manner.

Sometimes, people file those things away for months, but they'll remember it when it's appropriate.

What about a postcard with a puzzle pattern on it and each piece shows another image of your work? On the back you can simple put your web address and phone number?

Better yet have you ever seen the post card puzzles that you send in an envelope that the receiver has to put together to read?

Maybe it's gimmicky maybe not. What if it gets people to put it together???? Could you resist it?

Anyway, I'm still here, offering my naive suggestions!

self taught artist said...

thanks daphne. not a naive suggestion at all. gimmicky is good, but probably aimed elsewhere. there are gallery owners who admit to throwing art submissions OUT, they dont even look or keep them.
it's been suggested I do something elsewhere to then get noticed by someone. i'm not sure i have that in me but i might not have a choice if i want 'in'.

Daniel Sroka said...

I've decided that in general, galleries are not the right path for me. After all the research I did, it seems very few artists a way make a significant income from them, or even gain much visibility. If I ever found the right match -- a gallery that fit my style, that had collectors who value and want to buy my work -- then I think I'd go after them. But I'd do it very personally, very one-to-one.

self taught artist said...

dan I think if I did photography only I would feel the same. What would you do if you had my work? If it isn't in a shop and people don't buy online what do you do with it?
Galleries are worth it if you can get in, if you can get someone who cares. Even in the one gallery I am in, for as little traffic, out of the way not in a big city, a few pieces showing at a time, I have made almost all my sales from them, the rest from the blog believe it or not.
I don't hate galleries, I do hate all the red tape and games ~ pulling of teeth to even get a reply from a phone call or email.
I don't know how else collectors find you if you aren't out there. But getting out there....it's either tent sales or juried shows, all expensive and time consuming.

Clare said...

Hi Self Taught! I like Daphne's idea of sending out postcards -- that is what I was going to suggest before I saw she already did. You also might want to go door to door to some private stores, boutiques, coffee shops, bookstores or other privately owned and cool places and see if they'd be interested in having a shelf or wall for some of your things. It would jazz up the stores and also maybe give you some more exposure or customers. I don't know if you've done this already -- sorry if this is a repeat idea or sounds lame. But I know I've been in places that spotlight artists even though the store isn't an art gallery. Keep your chin up.