object de art

its a dark cave in my living space so the pictures look bad

Call me crazy, but those RR Scale Pattern objects make for some fabulous furniture. I don't know about you, but I get tired of everything looking the same. When I lived in Arizona and had the money I did buy some unique pieces ....the round chair (which is now being sold so I can be free from storage fees to my chagrin, to see a slice of it go to the sidebar search box and type in round chair), nice tables and unique lamps. I wasn't rich by any means but I knew I didn't like having everything look like it came from the same store as everyone else's things.

Fast forward and now I am an artist. Ironically since I care take and live in a furnished apartment in the home, I am surrounded by mundane furniture. I shouldn't complain, it is nice and clean and free, it's just boring and dull. I can't believe I live in such an ugly plain place especially since I am an artist after all.

When Tod and I got the goods last week (see a few posts down) we intentionally picked some things that we knew were not going to be for art making as much as our own decorating extravaganza. This slightly depresses me these new objects, I could never make something like this and I've got years to go before I would have the skills or know how. I have ideas and creativity but no helpers and no clue. I will figure something out, there is no going back at this point. I am excited as all git out though to have some unique objects floating around the apartment. Tod is at work and the day has been filled with re arranging and putting things up. I finally finished cleaning all my new objects and there is a huge shift happening around here. For one my two friends in Arizona have gone through most of my stuff in storage and one is working on selling what she can in a garage sale. This week they go back to get the few larger pieces of furniture and hopefully I will make enough money to make it worth my while, probably not and I try not to think about how my only possessions on earth are now gone. Tod in the meantime has finally decided to go through his remaining 'past'. I sit with him in the basement as he goes through moldy boxes of his past and help put it in the right pile. The dump reuse, the trash, keep or ebay resale. It's a big deal, most people don't have the courage to get rid of the stupid shit they keep that never really has a part of their functioning lives. Who needs those things? It is terribly freeing to be rid of them. As soon as that is done the basement/aka art studio gets shifted somewhat and we are earnestly working on making furniture for US. If you saw the desks we have for our computers you would flinch. At least make an audible sound of discomfort. While I am thankful that a desk was already here for my use, left by the last caretaker, I loathe it. Everything is so bland and unoriginal. That I've written anything interesting let alone created art here is a testamony to my drive.

Having said that, I shall go back to livening things up around here. I feel guilty that I'm not making art right now but it feels important to blow some life into my living space. I've been waiting for Tod to be ready and he is. There are things to learn and try...chances to take and things to make.


Daphne said...

Your new furniture is awesome!

I love the table. Really, you couldn't buy this stuff. How lucky you are to have found it and found purpose for it.

self taught artist said...

you know the coolest part about that little table? It is two pieces, the bottom part is about 8" high and the legs attach by dint of the wood being carved away. It actually just slides on. How amazing is that? you are right, you can't buy this stuff, suddenly I feel like an eccentric aristocrat (sp)
I was waiting for you to see this stuff, knew you would get it :)

San said...

Me, I'm enraptured with the piece that looks like the figure from Munch's "The Scream," only he's hollowed out to provide that necessary storage space. Fabulous.