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more art make overs

the new and improved: Black and Gold Girl with Pink Lips
before (the lighting is horrid and makes it more green/yellow)
I've been on an art make over kick the last few months. To my embarrassment the photos, even the 'new and improved' ones aren't so great. It's that darn little hallway with the overhead light that while it makes for great shadowing on my work it also can make things look bad. I have no where else in our apartment to hang work since the walls are thin and cheap and only in the hallway have we a hook on the wall studs.

Yesterday I took these in for tomorrow's show, and while the owner picked the 'girl' via looking at my website, in person even though she thought the actual puzzle sculpture was absolutely amazing, it didn't sit well with her that the background was so bland. I've thought this myself and had been putting off doing anything about it until yesterday. I decided it was time to give these pieces life and color! These were m…

dropping off art

Picture this....I've just filled the front seat/back seat and hatchback with art. The front seat has two boxes of RR Plates in it and the rest of the car is filled too as I am on my way to Waitsfield, about 45 minutes away for an art drop off for a weekend solo show. I've lived here three winters now and I always stop and get the mail on the way out when driving somewhere. Today I did and as I left my car slid. Then it got stuck. I had to climb over all my boxes and walk back down the long driveway and get a shovel. I tried to shovel all the snow out from under my car and had to climb back over my art in the front seat passengers side and try to get out, only to completely slide into the mailbox.
I called Tod three times, I knew he was at work and in a very important meeting with the taxi people but I don't know the neighbors down the road so who else was I gonna call? He finally answered and thank god he and the boss came up and dug/pushed me out.

I mentioned a month ago t…

Back View Woman

Back View Woman
Mixed Media, 2007
Print:11 x 18 #1/20
Total Size 15 x 25.5


Mixed Media, 2007
10.5 x 14.5" AP
Total Size 21" diameter

Josh Spear

A big thanks to Evan Kessler at JoshSpear for writing a fun blurb on the clocks!

How many days, months, years will it take, Art Gallery Submissions: Day One (yesterday)

I'm going to make an effort to get into a gallery OUTSIDE of Vermont, look at and hopefully accept some of my work. Yesterday I emailed an inquiry toMcGowan Fine Art
I've yet to get even an response as to how one goes about submitting/what their policy is etc. I make sure to keep it short. In the past I was lucky to get one response for every five or so I sent and I used to have a 'form' letter I would send. Yesterday I tried something more casual.

Just found your website and didn't see submission guidelines. Could you let me know how you go about selecting artists? I am an artist in Vermont with two years of gallery rep.and looking to branch out. After looking at the artists work you have I believe I would not be wasting too much of your time to ask you to consider my work too.
Any response would be appreciated, as I know it must be annoying to hear from artists all the time...I'm hoping an email is painless.

thank you,
my name and web info goes here

I'm going t…

#58 Pink Plastic, Green Soap

Pink Plastic, Green Soap #58/100 Limited Ed. Clock

#57 11,5,8,2,10,6,1,7,12,3,4,9

11,5,8,2,10,6,1,7,12,3,4,9 #57/100Limited Ed. Clock

Day One

Yesterday I woke up and decided okay DO something, yet again, here we go once again, maybe this time it will be different..... I realized I am not scared ~ I just dread it. I can't even pinpoint it. It seems laborious and I have to spend days and days sitting in front of the computer looking at places, emailing them and IF I hear from them it's usually the same. Many places now have submission info on their website that say we are currently not taking submissions. While I can put myself in a galleries' position for a moment and think about how annoying it must be to have throngs of artists pushing shit at them all day, I also wonder if you don't have word of mouth how anyone manages?

I spent longer than you would even believe on an east hampton art walk site, signed up and realized they didn't specify a certain box, they had me filling out min and max piece sizes and then a box under that said average....did I miss average COST? All I know is when my info got submit…

Humpty #56/100

Humpty #56/100 Limited Ed. Clock

#55 Ssssss

#55/100 Ssssss
Limited Ed. Clock

Sunday Scribblings #84 Left & Right

I'm left handed. I hadn't thought about being left handed until a few weeks ago when I was out collecting more materials for art. The person who was offering me things had a large piece of MDO and Luanne but they wouldn't fit in the van. He had plenty of tools and offered to cut them; I offered to cut it instead. He set everything up on the horses and I grabbed the hand saw. I saw a flash of surprise as I started on the other end where the two pieces that were on top of each other hung over the end of the table since he assumed I would start on the other end. Just a week prior to that I was cutting something at home, I was cursing the fact I can never get close enough to a small piece with the skil saw because the body of the tool always hits my c-clamp. I had an epiphany, stand on the other side and the thinner side of the saw slides right on by. It was awkward though and visually threw me off and I prefer to do it standing with the bulk of the board on my left.

I have ada…

Inspiration: Louise Nevelson

Louise Nevelson, untitled, 1963

Louise Nevelson, untitled, 1975

Louise Nevelson untitled, 1967
Inspiration. It is a word I never connected any dots to until recently. Sure I've gone to the scrap yard and my eyes would bug out of my head with all the stuff piled up, the strange objects looming high above my head all jumbled together like some orgy of rusty metal inviting me in. I've seen objects and wanted to touch them, to use them somehow in my work even though I had no clue for months what I would do with it. I've been inspired by structures to take pictures and print them to use in my assemblages. But I was here and inspiration was over there. We were separate. Ever since getting a new batch of goodies last week I have finally hardwired Inspiration into my thinking process. I am aware of it in a different way.

I've posted some of Louise Nevelson's work because I sense a correlation and feel inspired now by a few artists whom I never even knew existed until recently. …

A Redo Done

AfterRings & Panels,2007While I liked the BEFORE as did other people, it was time to redo it into a more substantial piece. I like it much better now. This is the piece that today I might have actually left a speck of blood should a CSI detective search for my DNA on the back of this piece. It was a tough day for such a simple looking piece. I should say 'austere'. The 'canvas' is an industrial shelf, the three rings are from that lot of RR Scale stuff I got. They are lightweight wood, beautiful beyond belief in shape and color. Price has yet to be determined.*as usual the photo of this piece sucks because the lighting is on the ceiling and in a small hallway. I've included a photo of the photo if you click the photo.

In between the Inspiration

I've got another post in the queue on Inspiration but before I post that I'll share where I'm at on this fine day. I'm in my own private Idaho of incorrigible incompetence. All this inspiration has intimidated me. And I've been working harder than anyone would actually believe just to get a photo mounted and lined up straight. I have problems. Not to offend anyone with a real disability, but sometimes I think if people knew how hard measuring was for me that they would guess my IQ dipped into the low 70's IF. Buy my art, I am retarded and not capable of doing anything right.

Today I measured three times, drew little diagrams, penciled things in drilled my holes and was completely off by 1/2". The sides were off by even more for another thing. Something that would take a normal person minutes to do has dragged on the entire day. My hands are bleeding, everything I touch blows up in my face. It is days like today I have to remind myself it is still better tha…

Inspiration: Robert Bruno

I was looking at my morning feeds when I saw this artist on Neatorama. Robert Bruno. He has been working on this house since 1974. I have to admire the shapes and structures swirling within. It is a work of art. A home? I'm not so sure I would want to live in it but my god can you imagine getting to crawl around in there?

My mind always goes to the details of how does someone like this have the money to spend that much time working on such a ginormous project. And I wonder too if anything else got accomplished during this time. I look with complete awe at artists who spend years and in this case, decades on just one project. I would rather snack than eat a big meal. Art seems the same way, I like making smaller pieces and having time to jump around and I cannot imagine working so diligently on one project. It is admirable beyond words because to me it seems like a sacrifice of everything else. And yet, what must it be like to go so far into one project and have such an astounding …

what was I thinking?

Triangular Chunk w/ new color of hands
Last week I finished this clock. Or I thought I had. After I make work I always hang it up in my living space and look at it day in and day out. It has to pass the livability test. The faded lavender colored hands didn't work. So today I mixed a nice yellow up to match the piece and wahla, I am content now.
old hands

making art regardless of the outcome

I'm not a superstitious person, but sometimes I do have that obsessive compulsive bent when it comes to thinking. Sometimes I even have that voice that comes from no where and insists on things.

Take these old faded scratchy boards. More goods from last week's scrap scrounge. Last week I got my work back from the show in Burlington and had a two pieces I decided I was going to redo. One of the pictures has this ever so slight pink hue to it that matches this board to a T. I want to line these two boards up side by side, mount them onto something and put the photo on it. I have more plans with switching the colors on the bottom so make a checkerboard effect. Three problems:

1) knowing that the boards aren't 'new' and have scuffy marks that washing hasn't cleared up, the professional voice of reason takes over and says this might not make the cut in a gallery setting. the person who wants to play and do what it wants to do...explore, try a different directions is …


While this make not look like anything great to you, this inspires the hell out of me. I know not why. This was another object I found last week and have cleaned and put on a wall shelf near my bed. I'm looking around at these newly acquired things with complete awe. Part of me thinks this is already art and were I to take a board, paint it a shiny yellow and put numbers on it, it would just be a copycat. Copying. Worse though because those letters meant something and I have no numbers that mean anything. Inspiration is, to me, a whole new world of many languages I've yet to understand. It feels wrong to look at something and want to do it myself. It is different than taking a picture of something and then making an assemblage out of other objects that just look and feel good all together.

Have you ever seen a glimpse of what you knew might be possible within yourself? Ever break the lock that has kept a bounty of secrets within that you had no idea were even there to begin wit…

object de art

its a dark cave in my living space so the pictures look bad
Call me crazy, but those RR Scale Pattern objects make for some fabulous furniture. I don't know about you, but I get tired of everything looking the same. When I lived in Arizona and had the money I did buy some unique pieces ....the round chair (which is now being sold so I can be free from storage fees to my chagrin, to see a slice of it go to the sidebar search box and type in round chair), nice tables and unique lamps. I wasn't rich by any means but I knew I didn't like having everything look like it came from the same store as everyone else's things.

Fast forward and now I am an artist. Ironically since I care take and live in a furnished apartment in the home, I am surrounded by mundane furniture. I shouldn't complain, it is nice and clean and free, it's just boring and dull. I can't believe I live in such an ugly plain place especially since I am an artist after all.

When Tod and I got the g…

RR Scale stuff

You wouldn't know it, but I have completely wrecked my arm and back cleaning and moving the above items. Finally most of it has been cleaned and stored down in the boiler room to give them a good drying out. I spent all of yesterday and a good chunk of today scrubbing with a toothbrush the crevices and corners, washing over and over until glistening wood appeared under layers of grime. They were covered in filth. It seemed quite toxic, smelled like cat urine and odd chemical smells. There was mold and grease and bucket after bucket of black water. Some of the pieces I had to throw out, the mold was too bad and wouldn't come off. What a shame really as they are beautiful...the wood is unlike anything I have ever seen. These are the patterns/forms from the building Tod and I went to last week. I had never heard of patterns before coming to Vermont. My first summer here I found some at a garage sale, big round ones that were used in an old saw mill. The above pieces are all havin…

more stuff

Yesterday Tod and I got another load of stuff. I was offered something that I couldn't refuse, that being a chance to go into a truly dilapidated building and scrounge for some old patterns that were used to make RR Scales. Everything is still stuffed in the van, I will have to bleach wipe the mold off w/ sodium carbonate and clean the wood ever so carefully ~ then I will post some pictures.

I think I was too in awe of what I was seeing to even think. It was dark and very wet. Drops of water falling on my head. Floors completely mushy and already broken through. Sadly, everything in the building is basically food for fire. Mush. Mold. Unsalvagable. That someone had the fore site to keep it but not to dispense of it properly confuses me. Were I in the position to haul it off, put it somewhere and have it treated/cleaned I would have. Days like yesterday put me in a strange frame of mind. I want to be that artist that has a huge building storing my stuff. Little worker bees taking ca…

Triangular Chunk #54

Triangular Chunk #54/100 It is very cool that a blogger friend sent me a piece of scrap earlier this summer. She sent the yellow chunky washer in the center. I had been waiting all this time to find the perfect fit for it. Some clocks are relatively easy to put together, this one was a bitch. I have all the backs welded with brackets to protect the clock movement, depending on the back of the plate, where the grooves are the brackets are higher or lower, but all of them need to be just under the top hole/squares of the plate (in this case I have used molding paste to fill the holes in), so the brackets aren't seen from the front of the plate. It is impossible for me to determine ahead of time which rr plates will be covered with baubles completely or something just put in the center. When all is said and done I have to drill the hole for the clock. I drilled this hole just a wee bit too high and the bracket was in the way. I had to pound it and try to bend it a little but a groove …