nature photography

For your viewing entertainment this is a picture I took my first winter here a few years ago. There is a beach in Burlington along Lake Champlain that has some huge rocks and granite just sitting around. The snow had just begun falling, thick large wet flakes, darkness coming fast and I was giddy with excitement at the way the snow was leaving perfectly round circles on the stones. When I saw this rock I instantly thought of the title before even seeing the picture, "The Crying Indian". After all this time I still love this picture.

I got some good shots and spent every last drop of daylight and camera battery juice on them. I used to have all of my nature pictures on my website but over time have found that no one wants to buy my photographs as stand alone art. A few friends have, but everyone else buys the Mixed Media Assemblages. I just have my Industrial Photography on the website now and will probably remove that too, at least all the buying info. I've weeded a lot off of the website, trying to keep it concise and cohesive, especially since I work in more than one medium. If it doesn't work then it goes.


Daphne said...

It's interesting to see what sells in terms of photography. I didn't sell any when I had some up at a gallery.

Although one piece was stolen. Sometimes I think that nature photography is just a personal thing. Unless done with lenses the average person doesn't own or if it's been altered in some way from it's original image...

But then that's why your photo/sculptural pieces do sell. Because you've incorporated them so well into a strong theme.

Shelby said...

". . . trying to keep it concise and cohesive . . ."

You have a good business sense to go along with your artist's eye and hands..

You are already ahead of the game.

self taught artist said...

hey d, interesting thoughts. I of course dont sell industrial photography as stand alone either. I used to have three 'genres'. I think unless you have a niche and are a damn good photographer you aren't going to sell.

thanks shelby!

Clare said...

Stunning photo! That is totally wild how the snow fell in a circle like that -- what a trip. I'm glad you got pictures of it!