the goods

What took me and Tod three + hours to get yesterday took twice as long for me to go through and clean. I vacuumed all the wood, washed every piece of scrap save for three boxes that I will do tomorrow. A seven hour day unloading and cleaning all my new materials. It's a good ritual: getting the goods, bathing them, holding them and getting a feel for their bulk, bendability, mountability. Somewhere in that small part of my functioning brain I will file this away and when the time is right pick it to use in an assemblage.

I also got a box of puzzles from a friend of my sisters'. She mailed a big box of beautiful puzzles last year, unexpectedly had another load for me.

There are just a few more rounds of going to get things. The person that let me have all this stuff has another place for me to get some interesting things if they are the kind of materials I think I could use. And believe it or not, I might try to get one more scrap yard trip in before winter. I've got 48 more clocks to make, tiny baubles are still needed.

These old shutters attracted me...I have a faint idea of what I will want to do with them, it's one of those off in the distant future plans. Lots of paint to remove.
These are metal shelves, like the kind I have made a fair amount of my mixed media assemblages with. I love these things, they are PERFECT canvases for art in my opinion. Great size, not too heavy and very industrial.

And here is some of the spare boards/wood. This with the strapping and other long pieces above, are invaluable for the backing of my wall pieces. The luanne especially is nice because it is so thin and lightweight.


Bob Johnson said...

It's amazing you can see stuff and art in all this, looks like a lumber yard to me, but the art you make out of it is awesome. That is just too cool!

Chelle said...

Congratulations on being found by someone who appreciates your art enough to want to feed it. Looks like a great haul.

Daphne said...

I want the shutters!

What is luanne? Is that plywood?

self taught artist said...

hey daphne
luanne is a thin slightly flexible wood (what kind who knows) that is generally used I hear for cabinet backing.
those shutters are cool aren't they :)

Clare said...

Hi Self Taught! Wonderful goodies -- thanks for sharing them with us! I also especially love the shutters -- very cool.