good night

Last night was the Art Walk in Burlington. It started at 6:30 and ended at 8:30. I almost didn't go, I imagined being there, sitting on the sofa in the clothing store, looking up at my art and feeling out of place physically (me, not my art). We showed up around 7 and I guess I missed the first 'tour'. Every half hour the Firehouse Gallery across the way had group walks and would show up to all of the nearby art walk places. I happened to miss the first one and after realizing only a few people were trickling in I rushed out to go look at art elsewhere. I missed the 2nd tour.

When I returned the girl working at the store said there was one more tour and people were coming through and looking so I knew I should stay for the last one. Tod and I sat on the sofa and watched someone trying on clothes. We looked at my art. At each other. Feeling as usual the surrealness of how every show I have done (other than the gallery in Stowe) always has an aire of bizarreness to it.

In walks three people. An older couple with a young woman. The man, who looks handsome and dignified stood across the coffee table and stared at me. He asked if I were Paula. He had been on the earlier art tour and seen 'Movement' (the pic above) and wanted it. I didn't know he wanted it. He was very quiet and asked me about the piece. He didn't know if it was a photograph, and if so, what was it of? I explained everything about it and rambled on about the process and limited edition print etc. There was such an intensity to his liking it, it almost seemed like he didn't want to like it; he was saying he just had to come back and see it....where was he going to put it? I'd never experienced someone wanting my art like that.

He lives out of state and was just visiting. It was mind blowing to have someone just write a check and not seem terribly interested in the details of when/how they would get it. He trusts me to mail it after the show is over. You can bet I wont even cash it until the month is over and it is on it's way to his doorstep.

Tonight is the Gallery opening, looking forward to seeing my puzzle sculpture there as well as my other work. I'm off now to sit my time at the coop gallery. Meaning, off to sit completely alone staring at the wall. I don't think I will do that next year. I read the daily logs we are supposed to keep and everyone says the same thing: It's lonely here. No one came in today.
I shouldn't complain, I did sell two small works but man....I could probably have more fun sitting on the street!


Nellie's Needles said...

YIPPEE!!! That man's reaction was akin to mine when I discovered your work on the web ... I just had to have a piece. The same thing happened to my adult son when I introduced him to your clocks.

Bob Johnson said...

Congrats on your sale! and good luck at the coop gallery.

self taught artist said...