Element #53

Element 53

I believe this is a heating element. One of the finds from last week. The center ring is from the plow rig parts I found a few weeks ago. I personally love this one, something about the texture and colors on heat element coupled with the embedded steel coil things. (I wish I knew what things were called but I don't), just feels very satisfying visually.


Nellie's Needles said...

Love it! Has there been engraving on all the RR plates?

self taught artist said...

yes, all plates have them but sometimes it is upside down or too small or flattened to read.
I used a silver paint pen on these and then painted the bottom and 'washed' it lightly to get that faint mottled look of the letters. covered with matt varnish
glad you like it ;)

Tori said...

It kind of looks like a lively face to me. I like it. You are so creative!

sarala said...

This one is great too! Are you sure you want to stop at 100?

self taught artist said...

I have to stop at 100, they are all numbered edition of 100. I think I will start working on either lamps and lamp shades next.
Besides, I couldn't justify my pricing if I made these ad nausium.
they are collectables...valuable and rare.

sarala said...

Yeah, I know. I was just being wistful. Valuable and rare sounds good too.