back it up

I've come to depend on my computer for my livelihood. Who doesn't right? I left my computer in storage while travelling around and when I got that apartment in Waterbury I had my friend ship it, I knew it would be a long winter stuck in a studio apartment and by god I was going to have some form of contact with the world.

The computer was a Dell desktop; I had only been using computers for two years and was terrified of having problems. Prior to leaving Arizona I began obsessing about them and how they work and reading all I could, even revived the old crappy computer someone gave me by installing a heat sink fan. whoo hoo! At the time it felt like performing surgery. But hard drives and reformatting things seemed daunting. Sure enough, it didn't take long to get a virus and a few trojans (I had let my virus program expire and had yet to learn about AVG, Sygate and various other spy ware freeware) and I spent more time trying to deal with all of that than being online having fun.

Then I got a camera and started taking pictures, six months later I was depending on my computer for art files. Making back ups on CD-RW's was fine. It sucked when I got a bad bug and had to reformat my hard drive. I lost stuff. I've been good about backing things up but lately it's too much. Fifty or more GB's of files and photos takes forever to put on discs. Last month I splurged and bought a Western Digital external hard drive. I bought an internal hard drive but it wasn't compatible and had to be returned. It has taken me four weeks to finally open it and set it up. Simple to do until I realized after looking online that it is formatted in FAT32 and should be formatted to NTFS. Don't ask me what that means, all I know is I need to do it. It's simple I think, I just found this info on it for anyone who doesn't already know. Then there are ghost programs to look at and decide upon. I always know just enough to sound impressive but never enough to understand exactly what it all means. I guess the ghost program can be set to constantly back up everything whenever files or changed. That would be nice. Should the computer bonk out grab your little external drive and download it all on your new computer and presto, you have what would appear to be your exact computer looking at you.

So this is what I am doing today. Researching all this stuff. Anyone have a ghost program they like? I hear NTI Shadow is good and works with My Book, of course there is more than one program to choose from....time for head spinning.


Kim Hambric said...

Oh, you have my total respect for all of your computer knowledge. Faced with computer research, I would hide under the sofa.

kate said...

My head would be swimming too Paula!

DJPare said...

Changing it from FAT32 is pretty easy. Did it go okay for you?

self taught artist said...

yep, I did but still floundering about the ghost vs backup program. I want to partition my external hd and put ghost image on some and reg. back up on other. not sure if i can do that. also not getting answers in comp. forums about what ghost thing to use (i am not hearing good things anymore about symatec/norton)