artist in a candy store

I don't have pictures right now, but tomorrow when I unload the dumpster with tod (the vw bus) I will snap a few. What is there to unload? A van full of stuff that someone gave to me to use for art. How cool is that????????????????

Today we went out of town to pick up many supplies from someone who visited that coop gallery I was in this summer. He and his wife saw my art and took my business card, found my blog and happened to have materials that a business no longer could use. Unbelievable! I have been putting off going to the lumber yard ALL SUMMER LONG. Not wanting to spend the money on luanne, strapping, MDF, and other things I don't even know what I need, and today I got bunches of it. I have to say, there is a double delight in knowing it isn't brand spanking new, it has been sitting around for god knows how long. I can't stand new. New hardware, new tools, new anything. And today was filled with hidden treasure and wonderful mixed media 'canvases'. This is going to be invaluable for me, for one I get to play with my saws more and not feel so bad for wasting materials as I learn to cut, and two I have many options for how to make art. I have been introduced to different materials today. Tod was with me so he will probably end up re-telling me what everything is. I was in stimulation overload getting to pick what I wanted for close to three hours.

I thank you a million times, you know who you are. It was the most generous thing I have experienced as far as helping me out with my work. It is also exciting because many of the things I took aren't my usual M.O. and I am thinking I might eventually branch out a bit. I can tell that some of the things I took wont be used for a few more years....I will look at them day in and day out and then just like that one day I will know what to do with them. That's my favorite things about picking out materials I find out there, I am attracted to them even if I have no clue how to incorporate them into art, I just know I like it and I want it. Days like today are far and few, it felt like a very special day and I am very thankful.


kate said...

That's like manna from heaven ... what a wonderful find. I love the Asian clock and the way you've used the jute above and below the clock face.

Clare said...

This is so exciting!!! I'm thrilled for you. The person who gave you this stuff is awesome -- how generous and kind and thoughtful. Unexpected gifts like that go right to the heart.

jasonshirts said...

how serendipidous. can't wait to see what you come up with!

San said...

Sounds like a treasure trove. Know what you mean about liking old stuff--it carries an extra charge.