#49 Oktan

Finished this piece in the wee hours. The last three days have been me editing photos, going back and forth to printer dudes, and banging my head against my clocks in progress. This piece feels great, I love the colors, Tod thinks it looks and feels very Asian which I find curious. He found the 'object' (fuel cover) and assumed I would use the other side as it was a blank canvas, I found this side irresistible. He got this last year when he went to MA, found it in an auto scrap yard.

I have a few more clocks been working on all week....I'm getting pickier and pickier about the color and design, and oddly I find it freeing to think I have a design only to tear it up over and over...like peeling back the layers until the nugget is revealed.

I am still believe it or not, dealing with the whole back up thing. I thought I got the right program, as it was called 'shadow' but it didn't clone the image of my hard drive. Funny how many computer forums never answer my questions head on, instead they say twenty other things and end up bantering amongst themselves.

People left this week so I'm free to scamper up into the garage and do something with those saws!


Daphne said...

Lovely colours. At first I thought that the sandy colour was a cork board...

San said...

It is very nice, Paula.

I really relate to your comment about peeling back the layers until the nugget is revealed. That's the way I often feel about my own paintings.

I believe you will find a gallery that will carry your clocks. They are fun and original. My husband makes art clocks and there is a big market for them. He has that one cornered in our own gallery, but we are always getting in people who want to carry them in their shops and galleries. He's a one-man show and finds it hard to keep up with the demand in our own gallery.

You might try Mariposa Gallery in Albuquerque. I don't know them personally but have made a small purchase there and I believe they might do well with your clocks. You can look them up online. You never know. Might be worth a try if you felt ok about shipping things across several states.

self taught artist said...

I like the colors too daphne, not my usual palette.

San, thanks for the info/thoughts on this clock thing. I will check into the Mariposa Gallery for sure. Would love to see your husband's clocks!

Steve Kane said...

Love the new clock. The colours, shapes and textures all work really well together.