I see saws

So tonight I decided to turn the scroll saw on, the new piece I'm working on (pic two posts down) is getting there, of course I have suddenly decided that I must have a Chinese symbol cut out in wood for this piece. I turned the thing on and the speed was set to low and it sounded bad and vibrated in a big way. Not a good sign. The little speared rest piece that goes on the wood to hold it down appears bent. Not a good sign. The blower works but more like a lung that has smoked a pack a day. Not a good sign. Maybe you get what you pay for, maybe I just don't know what I am doing.

I did cut some wood but couldn't follow my design. I didn't think I would be a savant immediately. It reminds me of a sewing machine and I believe I broke the needles all the time, I never understood those things. So in a panic I called the guy who welds things for me to see if he would come over this weekend and show me how to use all this new equipment and to tell me if it is even any good. Cash or homemade food, he went for the food. We are set for Sunday. I'm thrilled to have someone come explain this stuff, it is probably a lot of information to take in in one day, I can't possibly remember everything but hopefully I can focus on what is important (how to save my life and limb).

So I'm sweating a bit. I really want this piece done by next week to see if the gallery will take it. And I really want to get my new puzzle head done....it's getting there. I can only glue so many pieces before it needs to rest and harden up, then just add a few coats of paint/varnish and mount it on a stand. Very time consuming but I enjoy listening to music and letting my mind be carried away. Saturday I might be going on another little adventure for more stuff and then of course Sunday is tutorial day. There you have it...a boring post because I don't have my wits about me to make anything sound interesting. Maybe I will chill out on the blogging this week eh?


kate said...

Not a boring post at all... the scroll saw sounds a bit dubious, although I know nothing about them (I've just watched my brother-in-law using one and it kind of hummed).

Good plan for Sunday and tutorial day - I like the idea that your friend went for food rather than cash. Getting your puzzle head finished sounds like a slow, but relaxing process. Put on some tunes and enjoy...

Keep on with your blogging, k?

Badthing1 said...

Hi STA :)

I saw you in the sea as you were swimming by... ;)

Tod sure loves you to have brought that saw for you that way!

I enjoyed your lexicon greatly, my dear and now I have to come back.

Chelle said...

Getting caught up on your blog, I've been off at a conference for a few days.

Holler if you need suggestions with the tools. Hopefully your welder friend will be able to give you some good information.

Scroll saws are prone to vibrations. I've got mine (actually my whole shop) on rubber matting which helps a bit. You can also find rubber pads to put between the machine and the table it's on. If the saw isn't bolted down to a table do that it will help with the vibrations. Make sure you've got sharp blades - that can make a huge difference, and remember to go slowly.

Being afraid of the radial arm saw is a good thing. When using it the blade will want to run toward you.

self taught artist said...

badthing: thanks for stopping by. tod loves art and keeping an eye out for ways to help. he is my bud.

chelle: thanks, I might just do that..the welder dude will help but i'm sure after an hour or two he will flit away and i will have a ton of questions.
the vibration thing is good to know, gotta get a table to bolt them to (you'd think with all my saws i could make one)