doing for the day

Went for a walk this morning, I love that I can find scrap just sitting on the side of the same little road day in and day out. Walking up to Trapp Lodge and sure enough a find just waiting to be found. I consider this a great way to start the day.

Thanks Karen for your previous comment suggesting that the little nail looked like an upholstery nail! I googled it and sure enough, that is what I want. One down.

Today I get to go to the Coop Gallery and do my time. I'm splitting the day with another artist so it wont be such a long day. The gallery is only open until mid Oct. and so far I have had two sales from being there this summer. I went in last week and took down all the RR Plates and put up James Dean. He was at the other Gallery a long time last year, they wanted to make him a permanent fixture there....people loved it and one woman from Canada would come by on a regular basis and visit him. But, no sale no go. I don't think he will be seen much let alone sold at this little coop gallery, but the exposure is always good to have.

*someone just emailed me this tidbit of useful information: 'Those are upholstery tacks and they make a tack hammer that has a magnetic end on it so you don't have to try and hold the little bastards and smash your fingers.' Even better start to the day, thanks!

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