another long one

They say not to write long blog posts, anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows I usually fail when it comes to abiding by that rule. I'm grateful for the handful of people who actually sit there and read what I say. I don't write just to take up space, so it's nice to know some people actually read this stuff.

having said that....here is what I did this weekend.

Saturday I met the welder, this time for non-art reasons. An exercise bike I obtained via freecycle had a busted bolt on the pedal and he actually fabricated a new one for me. Then I dropped some more clocks off at a shoppe/gallery in waitsfield. Then the odyssey. As you know I have been wanting more tools. It was suggested by a blog reader I try craigslist. I had asked for one on freecycle but no go (someone did offer me a jigsaw but I already had one) so I checked out craigslist. Saw an ad for a miter saw and a scroll saw, answered it and was told to come on by. When our emails turned into a phone call and I was given an address, what I was really given (typical Vermont stuff) was a very fast how to. He made it sound simple. Something like take 302 to (what I heard was...) east thompson, go 3.5 mi at a four way stop old house on the hill and turn right on downing (then it gets complicated and keep in mind he is saying all this super fast), go until you see a trailer on the right in the woods and keep on going. Bunch of mailboxes and there it is. In reality it was East Topsham. Mileage wise not that far but driving actuality was a few hours. A two lane highway that wasn't the type of road one travelled on at warp speed. Cell reception didn't exist. But I didn't know any of this when I called him from my cell phone when after driving through the area I thought was the general idea (Barre) I realized I was already lost.

The reality was a long long drive on shitty roads and no old house on the hill that I could see. No cell phone reception (boonies big time). I was so frustrated. I had to pee, I was hungry and I refused to give up. I've delivered pizzas....I went to massage clients homes' for 20 years and can count on one hand how many times I couldn't find a residence. I kept going back and around and over and over, trying to ignore the men standing with arms resting on greasy equipment gazing at me as I pass by again and again. At some point I realized even if I found it I wouldn't want to go there. I was so far out in no man's land that I was getting creeped out...trailer? End of woods....? Do I really want to be alone and have some guy show me his tools? I wimped out and left. I had driven over four hours. It took me forever to even find my way out to get back home and I even had a map with me! (don't forget I'm flawless when it comes to finding places and reading maps).

Defeated. Dizzy. I look up tools online and try to find out what is good, what is bad. Mixed reviews. I realized I just shouldn't be doing this since I am so easily swayed. I am intimidated to buy a used tool that I have no clue about. For all the money I spent on gas I could have gotten a brand new one at box city and returned it if I hated it. Gotten a warranty. What am I doing?

Today, a day later, the guy emails me. 'where were you? I waited all day? do you still want it?'. I decided he is a crusty Vermonter and probably thinks I'm a complete moron. I email back and say I drove forever, couldn't find you, no cell reception and I gave up after wasting time and gasoline. sorry, hope he finds another buyer.

I get an email back saying he will meet me half way and bring his generator so he can show me how to use it (on the phone I said I was clueless). I think I was struck with humility about humanity. I think I will buy that saw no matter what.

...and that was just Saturday.


Nellie's Needles said...

...and that was just Saturday? What happened on Sunday? I can hardly wait to read the rest of this saga.

Even when I have no time, your blog is the one that gets read. When you haven't posted, I fret that you're okay.

Daphne said...

I say get the tool, at least you'll always remember where and how you got it.
Okay, maybe you won't know where exactly, but, well...

self taught artist said...

youre too kind nellie :)
and daphne, i probably should get it if not for the history and someones' willingness to bring a generator just to show me how to use it.

Deb said...

So, spill the beans, please! Did you meet up with the curmudgeon? LOL Ayuh! I'm dyin' to know what happened? (I don't mind long posts - I'm bitten by the same bug).

Please, don't keep us in suspense.


self taught artist said...

deb, i'm set to meet on the side of 302 and 25 this morning. a miter saw is in the mix too!

sarala said...

Wonderful story. I think this Vermonter sounds fascinating.
How do you do the map with the line on it? I've wanted to add that to my blog during my adventures.

self taught artist said...

sarala, the line comes that way when you do a mapquest search on a destination. I just hit prt scr key on keyboard, loaded it on psp7 and then put my words etc on it. if you need more assistance you know how to reach me :)

kate said...

Wow ... you must have been fed up after all that driving.I decided to start reading from the last post that I read and then move upwards. I imagine you are now the owner of the scroll and the mitre saw.

I once was lost driving in Vermont trying to meet up with my ex who was cycling. All these turns, curvy roads and that sense of panic that sets in when you haven't a clue.

Andrée said...

Has happened to me too often; now when I get directions I am a pain in the ass and demand details (which tree should I turn at? how big is the rock at the corner?).

But what the hell is at the Underhill Artillery Range?? I gotta check that out. Sounds like some covert operation.