what the artist is doing

I recently got this book from the library, I've been on a reading kick the last week or two to try to escape my own lackluster thoughts. I know there are plenty of aspects to this book that I will not ever be able to understand, in fact this is such a meaty piece of literature I can't really begin to explain it. So you can read about it by clicking the picture or getting a wikipedia description.

All I know is this book is resonating at a very high frequency with me right now . Feels like it is gently lifting me up to a full stand again. A summer of what I deem 'setbacks' to my creativity (having the house full of people /noise and constraints/ not making art/ getting depressed and losing confidence etc) seems to have left me cowering. There is a bold person in me, there is a lively soul who laughs and crackles with energy. Someone who knows how to live without fearful thoughts and jumps over setbacks.

I also just read 'Breaking Clean' by Judy Blunt. I remember in the 90's going on a reading binge of everything cowboy/western I could get my hands on. I loved the Calamity Jane's bios and gold miner books, fascinated by how the pioneers of the west managed on a day to day basis and built their homestead, this book feels like a modern day 'out west' book. I have to say for having read so many books about pioneers and farmers this is the first book that really enlightened me about how women get treated by their spouses and in laws. Good stuff!


Shelby said...

fantastic review - I love love love books - and these look like winners.. I'll check 'em out.

Take care..

Mary said...

Good to have some reading suggestions--Thanks!


jafabrit said...

The BLack Swan certainly sounds like heavy reading, I checked out the wik link. I understand your feelings regarding creativity. Having said that I am sure it won't make you feel better, just that I wanted you to know you are not alone. I go through these phases all the time, and have decided that is what it means when people talk about the tortured artist :) I just plod along and ride it through. regards corrine aka jafabrit

self taught artist said...

you guys should let me know if you actually read the black swan book, I'm curious what people think. I think this guy is a GENIUS.

jafabrit, yeah I guess its always something. I can't make art cuz I don't have the 'space' to get into that zone. I'm sure there are dozens of reasons why people get stuck. thanks for the comment, gonna check your blog out :)